Money is the best gift to give new graduates

Celebrate the milestone of every graduation with a special occasion and a keepsake to remember the experience.

What’s the graduation event your family’s planning? Kindy to school; primary to secondary; secondary to university; university to an exciting career?

Whatever the graduation, it deserves marking with a special something for the new graduate!

Try these suggestions for graduate gifts for every life stage.

Kindy to school

The first graduation, and it’s a big event for the whole family when the kindergarten kid starts big school.

Celebrate the occasion with a special family party themed with the latest kiddy-craze – unicorns are the most popular fad amongst the kindy kids, and its easy to make it the theme of a party.

Primary to secondary

The second graduation and it’s another big change when Junior goes from being one of the older kids, moves up to Year 7 and joins the youngest group in the secondary school.

The big kids in the primary school will love a party to farewell their friends as they dissipate to different schools for their secondary years.

Secondary to higher education

Bidding Year 12 goodbye can be a very special graduation, with an end of year party for all their friends that may end up being held on the Gold Coast during Schoolies Week.

Graduating from TAFE or University is an epic occasion with all the partying and gifts of a 21st or even a wedding.

Every young person has their own dreams and wish list for gifts and the right gift is entirely dependent on the person celebrating.

Gift Card Registry makes the best wish list

Whatever their aspirations, the gift most appreciated is money, and the most secure way to give them money is through a registry at Gift Card Registry.

The perfect solution to graduation gifts, the registry can be set up by a parent or friend at no cost at Gift Card Registry.

Online giving is easy with Gift Card Registry

When sending out invitations, mention that gifts can be contributed online, and the guests will be pleased to add to the gifting total, knowing that the recipient can choose whatever they want.

When the registry is closed, the total contributed is loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard gift card and sent to the recipient, ready for them to activate and use.

The gift card can be used online and instore at any merchant anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard. You can be confident that a gift card is more appreciated, more convenient, and easy to use.

No unwanted gifts with Gift Card Registry

With Gift Card Registry you avoid the possibility of any unwanted graduation gifts and the recipient has the pleasure of purchasing something they really want.

Make your wishes come true

With a combined total to use, the new graduate can choose to pursue further study, take a gap year or buy their first set of wheels.

Younger graduates will be able to enjoy a special holiday, or the total can go towards extra tutoring such as swimming, ballet, sports coaching or music lessons.

More than a gift

A prepaid gift card from Gift Card Registry offers more than other gifts – it enables choice, opportunity and reward.

Set up your registry today.

How to increase donations by going virtual with Gift Card Registry

Online fundraising is a winner! Click to donate is proving a successful way to boost donations for a good cause, with one in every four fundraising dollars from individuals now generated in a virtual environment. ^

With a quick click, givers can donate to a cause while on the go, using their smartphone. Mobile fundraising has increased 80 percent since 2013 with 18 percent of donors saying they have given through their mobile devices. ^^

Click to donate on the go

Two out of every five givers now donate online, whereas two years ago it was one out of three. More people now access the internet via their phones rather than through desktop computers, laptops, or tablets.

Online donations on the increase

The amount of individual donor revenue raised from online giving has grown from 17 to 24 percent in just two years. There’s been a significant increase in the proportion of donors who choose to do their charitable giving online.

If you are finding it hard to raise funds for your cause because everyone thinks the economy is slowing – don’t be discouraged, donors will continue to give to a cause they are committed to.

Online fundraising is a great way to boost funds for your cause but it’s easy to find reasons to be discouraged when you read that economists are reporting that households are more cautious with their spending.

Leverage the benefits of online fundraising

You can raise funds for your chosen cause by leveraging the benefits of online fundraising by donations.

Research shows that asking for gifts, processing payments securely online, and thanking donors for their gift is easier and costs less than organising and processing offline donations.

Gift Card Registry makes it easy

Partnering with Gift Card Registry makes raising funds even easier as you can set up a registry at no cost, choose a card design and let potential donors know your plans.

Depending on who you want to target for your fundraising, you can email your friends and family and let them know the details of your project and provide a link to your Gift Card Registry page. If yours is a wider community – a sports club or special project – set up a Facebook page with a link to your Gift Card Registry.

Plan for success

Great communication is the basis of great fundraising. First steps in any fundraising project are to clearly set out a plan.

  • Tell your story
  • Set milestones
  • Set up a registry at Gift Card Registry to accept the donations
  • Ask others to get involved through social media and email.

When donations start coming in:

  • Show your donors you appreciate their support with thanks
  • Update everyone as each milestone is reached both through email and social media
  • Let everyone know when the goal is achieved.

Remember to keep everyone up to date with progress, make sure donors feel appreciated and recognised.

Set up a Gift Card Registry for your fund raising

Gift Card Registry makes it easy to set up a Crowd Funding page here. Simply enter your contact details, select your ‘Event Type’ and the date that you wish your registry to close. The team at Gift Card Registry will then set-up the donations page and send you a unique link to the page so you can share that link so others can easily donate.

Once your registry has closed after your selected date, Gift Card Registry will send your Mastercard gift card loaded with the donations that have been contributed, which you will receive 10 business days after the closure date. The Mastercard gift card can then be used in over 37 million outlets instore and online worldwide, to enable you to help your chosen cause.

Set-up a Crowd Funding Gift Card Registry today.




^Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) data analysis of online fundraising. Available from: https://ssir.org/articles/entry/is_online_fundraising_a_bad_idea

^^One out of Five Donors Has Now Given Using Smartphone or Tablet. 2016 Donor survey commissioned by Dunham+Company and conducted by Campbell Rinker. Available from:  https://www.dunhamandcompany.com.au/2016/04/dunhamcompany-study-explosive-growth-in-donations-via-mobile-devices/

Unique Gifts for Graduates

Got a university graduation approaching in your sights? Once the stress of exams, essays and assessments are finally over, it’s time to celebrate! Here’s our list for the best graduation gift ideas. We’ve included presents that congratulate them for their huge academic achievements but also help them with a kickstart into the future.  

Beyond the cap and gown, graduation is the beginning of a significant new chapter into young adulthood. Make sure your graduation gift is memorable and practical.  


Is your graduate bugging you for a new car? Go the greener option and gift them an electric bike instead. A bike will save money on petrol and parking fees. Also, it will encourage them to get some exercise, allowing them to zip around campus if they choose to further their studies, or the city to start their career with ease. For the times they need to take a rest or can’t handle the upcoming hill, there’s the electric motor to take the load off for them. Just remember to get them a helmet too! 

Leather Messenger Bag 

Whether they’re going to take on further studies or starting their first job, a beautiful yet sturdy messenger bag makes a great gift idea. They are practical, stylish and a staple for every young adult. 

Is your uni graduate still undecided on their next move? Something roomy and easy to carry across the shoulder will give them some versatility. It will make a smart accessory for job interviews and yet handle the wear and tear of daily errands. 

Beautiful Glassware 

Looking for that special graduation gift for a friend who likes a fine drop? A set of delicate champagne flutes or classic whiskey tumblers will no doubt be received with thanks and appreciation.  

Go that extra mile and give them something engraved with their name, year of graduation and academic institution. You could even include their degree. 

Therapy Bean Bag 

The elation of graduating is akin to floating on a cloud. Get your graduate child the next best thing with a therapy bean bag. Unlike normal bean bags, the special foam inside a therapy one makes a perfect balance between support and sinking.  

Life after graduating from university can be stressful. Whether they’re still working the ropes around their new job or busily studying for their post graduate master’s degree, a therapy bean bag will give them much needed chill time.  

Sky Diving Experience 

Sometimes an experience is the most meaningful graduation gift you can give. Why not book your new graduate an exhilarating, adrenaline pumping sky diving adventure? 

Remind your newly graduate that the world is indeed their oyster. Make sure to book for two so you can be part of the memory making. 

Gift Card Registry 

For families and friends who are trying a find the right present for a picky or indecisive university graduateGift Card Registry is your best graduate gift option.  

To organise Gift Card Registry is super easy. Simply register the event details and pick a card design. An account will be set up as well as a unique online page where family and friends can contribute. There’s even an option to leave a personalised message of congratulations.  

Once the registry is closed and the funds are topped up, your graduate will receive their gift card in the mail, ready to be used in the big wide world! 

Your uni graduate has worked super hard to get to where they are today. Congratulate them for their tenacity and academic achievements with something they want. 

Sign up for your Gift Card Registry account today. Encourage them to further reach for their dreams and ambitions with the best gift of all – the freedom of choice.  

Got further questions? Speak to one of specialists on 1300 354 632 or drop us a line. 

Busy Finding the Best 21st Birthday Gifts? Read These Helpful Tips

Birthdays are special milestones in life, and in Australia, we put special emphasis on the 18th birthday and, in particular, the 21st birthday. While the significance of turning 21 has its roots in medieval times when young men were preparing for knighthood. Today, one’s 21st birthday is important regardless of your gender. Given this, you’re probably putting additional effort and thought into arranging a 21st birthday gift and celebration for your loved one or friend. With this in mind, explore these 21st birthday party ideas and gift ideas to inspire your celebration.

21st birthday party ideas

An intimate at-home birthday party with a simple barbeque might be exactly what your loved one or friend wants for their 21st birthday, but what about doing something different, like a themed party? Consider these 21st birthday party ideas:

  • Fun themes – Fun themes for a 21st could be a slumber party, Stranger Things, spa party at home, the 1980s, disco, a wig party, Game of Thrones, or The Great Gatsby. You could have a dress-up party based on a favourite show, movie, or cultural figure. Make sure the guests’ outfits as well as the food and decorations match the theme.
  • Decorations – Some great 21st birthday decoration ideas include a guest book wall for writing messages, personalised napkins and cups, or a carnival in a tent.
  • Food – A taco bar, a chocolate station, nacho bar, or ice cream bar are some creative ways to serve your snacks. For drinks, use ice-filled wheelbarrows or buckets. Fill up glass drink dispensers decorated with floral rings to let guests serve themselves, or use individual mason jars for single, ready-to-go servings.

If you’re organising your own birthday party, consider arranging a 21st birthday registry, especially if you don’t want unwanted gifts and prefer the flexibility of a gift card. This makes it easier for your guests as well!


21st birthday gift ideas

Have you been invited to a 21st birthday party? Check whether your friend or loved one has set up a birthday registry. If not, you’ll be bringing a gift. These 21st present ideas can inspire you to give a great gift your friend or family member will love.


  1. Experiential gifts

    Whether it’s a day trip voucher or a whole weekend getaway, your gift of experience gives the birthday person a chance to create amazing memories:

  • Wildlife and nature – Give an experiential voucher for a day swimming with the dolphins, whale watching, or snorkeling in the ocean. Alternatively, you could give them a boat ride on the water or the chance to take a scenic flight in a hired plane or helicopter
  • Gaming – A session of gaming with mini-golf, escape room, virtual reality gaming, clay shooting, or paintball could be a fun gift for someone celebrating their 21st.
  • Outdoors and action – Indoor skydiving, rock climbing, quad bike adventuring, drag racing, skiing, or even white water rafting are some fun gift ideas for those who love the outdoors.
  1. House and home

    For the homebodies, gifts for the house and home. For example, for a keen cook, you could buy a premium kitchen appliance. Alternatively, a stylish throw, a monogrammed plush blanket, a glass terrarium, or a piece of artwork for the wall could be amazing 21st birthday gift ideas.

  2. Beauty and fashion

    Your loved one or friend might love receiving a piece of jewellery, a fashion item, or luxurious face cream.

  • Fashion – Have you ever come across an outfit and thought it would be perfect for someone you know? Sizing and fit can be hard to get right with a fashion gift, but an easy way to get around this is to give them a gift card from their favourite label and let them choose.
  • Jewellery and accessories – A weekend bag, a new purse or wallet, and a necklace could be excellent 21st birthday present ideas for someone who loves jewellery and accessories.
  • Beauty and makeup – Makeup brushes, premium face masks, and men’s skincare sets could all be wonderful 21st birthday gift ideas for your loved one or friend.
  1. Gadgets and technology

    If your friend is a tech enthusiast, give them a gadget they’ll love and use. For students, a lightweight ultrabook or tablet can make their uni life easier. A tablet could also be an excellent 21st present idea if the recipient enjoys consuming media like streaming movies or shows. Your loved one might appreciate a new phone, Bluetooth speakers, or smart home device. If they’re into fitness, a wearable fitness tracker could make the perfect gift.

  2. Learning and courses

    Learning a new skill can be a rewarding experience. Think about their hobbies and interests, and give your friend a voucher for a short course or seminar on a subject they love. For example, in arts and crafts, there are ceramic, jewellery-making, embroidery, and life-drawing courses. Cooking courses encompass everything from vegan cooking and baking bread to pasta making and brewing your own kombucha. Other ideas could be personal-development seminars, an appointment with a financial advisor, writing courses, and bee-keeping classes.

  1. Gaming and recreation

    PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are the best-selling gaming consoles. While these gaming systems are excellent non-toy gifts for teens and younger kids, they’re also designed for adults who love gaming. You’ll be able to find a huge variety of popular games for adults to go with the console. Other recreation-related gift ideas to consider include drones, professional cameras, a book in their favourite subject area, and painting and water-colouring sets.

Tips for presenting your gift

Once you’ve settled on a gift, you can get the gift ready. Pick a card and consider the birthday message you’d like to write. A message that reflects your relationship, friendship, and history together helps you express your 21st birthday wishes to your friend.

Choosing a suitable card is important. Opting for a minimalist card design gives your gift a modern, sleek presentation, while a card with a comical, funny message might better reflect your friendship. You can choose a card with landscape photos, famous paintings, or themes that reflect the recipient’s interests. Choose festive, colourful, or minimalist wrapping to match your card. Depending on your relationship, a bouquet of flowers might complement your gift presentation.


For making 21st birthday wishes, consider your friend or loved one’s interests and hobbies, and narrow down your gift ideas from there. From the practical to the experiential, you can find something wonderful to delight the recipient on their special day. Ultimately, as always, it’s the thought that counts, but putting careful thought into a birthday gift allows you to express appreciation and express your gratitude for their presence in your life.

Gift Card Registry, a division of Zenith Payments, offers a convenient way for anyone celebrating a birthday to make things easier for their friends and loved ones when it comes to gift shopping. Instead of receiving unwanted gifts, you can have them contribute to your special day. As the leading prepaid card provider in Australia, Zenith Payments have been in operation since 1984 and were the first to launch prepaid cards Australia in 2006. 300 of the top 500 companies use our services. Experience our best-in-class service standards for yourself by creating a gift card registry now. Alternatively, contact us with any questions you may have about our service, and we’d be pleased to assist you.

Newborn Gifts List of Perfect Newborn Baby Gifts

Looking back when my twins were newborn babies, there certainly wasn’t anything more precious and fragile than those early days. Filled with sleep deprivation and constant nappy changing (times two, mind you!), the newborn baby stage is fleeting. It’s completely true when people say, “Cherish those moments.”

When my friends threw a baby shower for the impending arrival of my twin boys, I was extremely grateful for all the lovely presents. All were unique but also extremely useful. Especially for a new (and slightly terrified) parent like myself.

Babies don’t come with a manual. Finding the right kind of baby gear, clothes or essentials for a newborn can be confusing and daunting for a new parent.

The best newborn baby gift ideas are the ones that new parents would never have thought of buying themselves. Something that makes their life easier and smoothly settle into parenthood.


What are the best newborn baby gifts?

Cosy Swaddle Blanket

The first thing any parent learns when their new baby arrives is how to swaddle. The trick is to make your baby feel like they’re still in the womb – snug and warm. Swaddles that have velcro, zippers and snaps can make wrapping easier and quicker.

Easy on the Back Baby Carrier

Babies love to be held and carried close. Unfortunately, it can be a huge burden on the parent’s back. From soft-clothed carrier wraps to sturdy baby backpacks, there’s countless options for different parenting needs.

Perfect Pacifier

Pacifiers were a lifesaver for this mum of twins! These days pacifiers also come in silicone as a better option for babies who have a latex allergy. Also, to save parents from constantly losing the pacifier, buying a clip with the pacifier will help. Add a sweet touch and gift the pacifier with a cute soft toy.

White Noise or Sound Machine

For those restless nights (and there will be many!), a sound machine is a great option to soothe a crying baby. White noise also helps babies get into a natural sleeping rhythm and drowns out external noises like the television, doorbells or boisterous older siblings.

Baby’s First Beautifully Illustrated Picture Books

The video of Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle reading book “Duck! Rabbit!” to her adorable son, Archie almost broke the internet. It beautifully captured an intimate moment between mum and baby.

Reading to a newborn is not only great stimulus for them but also helps create special memories. The gentle rhythm and rhyme of a parent’s voices is especially soothing for a restless baby.

Here are some classics that I loved reading to my twin boys:

  • “The Snail and The Whale” by Julia Donaldson
  • “Guess How Much I Love You? ” by Sam McBratney
  • “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell
  • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle
  • “Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes” by Mem Fox (This one particularly tugged at my heart strings. Get the tissues ready!)

What is a unique baby gift?

For those who want to get a unique present, here are some gift ideas that keep things cute and memorable.

  • Animal hooded towels – Straight out of the bath, wrap your bundle of joy in a baby koala or panda.
  • Pewter money boxes with personalised engraving – A gift that lasts forever and has the perfect sentimental touch.
  • Silver jewellery – Little bangles, anklets or bracelets engraved with your precious one’s name will be forever treasured. Also makes a great christening gift.
  • First football plush toy – Perfect for the family of avid footy fans.
  • Cute costume onesies – Keeping your one snug but also irresistible as a unicorn, monkey or dinosaur.
  • Baby Hats – Fluffy, floopy or with bunny ears, keep them warm and staying cute.


What to buy a newborn that has everything?

With so many choices, finding the perfect newborn baby gift can be tricky. Every baby is different. Sometimes we won’t know what a parent needs until their little one arrives.

If you’re organising a baby shower for a loved one, Gift Card Registry is the perfect solution for a collective group gift. Gift Card Registry lets family, friends and guests contribute funds to a Prepaid Mastercard that the expecting parents can use for their baby.

Setting up Gift Card Registry is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Click HERE to set up an account with your loved one’s contact details. You can also select the card design.
  2. Select the date you wish you close the baby shower Gift Card Registry.
  3. Date you need your card by (Allow 10 days for delivery).
  4. Share the URL link to your registry with family, friends and guests.
  5. Enjoy watching the funds grow with the weekly email update sent by the Gift Card Registry team.
  6. Keep your registry open even after the baby shower is over and close it 10 days before you would like to use the card.

With a Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card, new parents can:

  • Buy whatever they want wherever Mastercard is accepted. Parents will have 37 million stores and online sites to choose from.
  • Take their time in deciding what their little one needs.
  • Avoid unwanted gifts or the hassle of returning gifts and merchandise.

There is no greater joy than welcoming a new little human being into the world. Gift Card Registry can help new parents with a kickstart to an exciting new chapter.

Set up your Gift Card Registry today. Got questions? Speak to a specialist or email [email protected].

Newborn Checklist – Everything You Need to Know Before Baby Arrives

Expecting a little one? Congratulations!  

As you enter the nesting stage and start a list of things you need for your new baby, be sure to include some self-care activities. Nothing can completely prepare you for motherhood. So take this precious time before bub arrives to relax and look after yourself.

Here’s our newborn checklist specially crafted for the expecting mum!

Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

No one can tell you exactly how much sleep you lose in those first few months looking after a newborn. So while you still can, take every opportunity to go to bed early, sleep in and take naps! Think of it as a deposit in the sleeping bank once your little one is born.

Go on Dates

Besides your partner, pencil in catch-ups with friends. Go on a day trip or dinner. Stay socially active while you still have the chance!

A new addition can change a family’s dynamics, especially if you already have children. A park outing or an ice-cream date is a chance to have a special chat with your toddler and help emotionally prepare them for their newborn sibling.

Pamper yourself

The body changes throughout pregnancy can be a physical and emotional roller-coaster. Some will be delightful surprises (like those first kicks!), others can create some discomfort (lower back pain is the worst!)

Your body is working full-time with a bun in the oven so treat yourself to some personal care:

  • Facials
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Trip to the hairdressers
  • Pre-natal massages
  • Long soaks with relaxing lavender bath salts or bubbles

Baby Shower

Baby Shower gifts for new mums can help those first days be peaceful and calm. If you’re planning a Baby Shower Registry, here are some non-baby gift ideas for your wish list:

  • Streaming service subscription

Use those early morning/late night feeding sessions as an opportunity to catch up on your favourite TV series.

  • E-book or Audiobook subscription

With literature now easily accessible through technology, keep baby brain at bay with a riveting crime novel or a best-selling romance.

  • Prepared meal delivery service

When you’re busy feeding the baby, who’s going to feed you? A hot meal delivered at your doorstep will give you the sustenance and comfort you need.

  • Cleaning service

Imagine arriving from hospital to a beautiful, clean home. When those first few days will be focused on getting settled into life with a newborn, why not outsource those domestic chores.

  • Gift Card Registry

Every mum’s needs during postpartum are different. Some may want something for the baby like a nursing chair for the nursery. Others might want to buy some comfortable postpartum clothes.

With Gift Card Registry, friends and family no longer need to rely on guesswork. Once contributions are made to the Gift Card Registry, funds will be loaded onto a Prepaid Mastercard.  Use the card to purchase what you need, when you need it.

Click here to sign up for Gift Card Registry.


Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas for Real Couples

For couples, choosing wedding registry gifts can be a daunting task.

When considering what you and your partner want and need for everyday domestic life, remember that practical doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.

Here’s a list of top quality household items that are not only useful but will bring daily joy.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

When including cookware in your gift registry, make sure one item is high end.  A sturdy cast iron Dutch oven will tick that box!

From hearty stews and soups to boiling past and even baking bread, the Dutch oven will inspire you to expand your cooking repertoire.

Cast iron lasts a lifetime and its non-stick feature makes cooking and cleaning easy.

Coffee maker

Imagine waking up newly married with a freshly brewed cup of coffee brought to bed by your beloved. Romantic, right?

Exorbitant barista coffee prices and long café queues can be a buzzkill.  A quiet cuppa at home has its own financial perks as well as save time.

A coffee maker with customised brewing options will guarantee your morning coffee be exactly how you like it – in strength, size and  temperature.

What’s it to be? A rushed takeaway or a lovingly homemade brew?

Vacuum Cleaner

Before you start yawning at this gift idea, there are plenty of models with lightweight and sleek designs that will bring domestic joy to every day married life.

Barrel or upright. Bagless or bagged. Manual or Robot. Choose a machine that will best suit the needs of your living space. When shopping around, take into account features like manoeuvrability, suction power and additional brush accessories.

Toaster Oven

The toaster is often the running joke as a last-minute wedding gift for couples. But laugh no more. The multi-function toaster oven not only toasts bread but can also bake, broil and even air-fry.

No bigger than a microwave, it’s a simpler alternative to the oven. Make your loved one baked eggs and bacon brunch every Sunday!

Chopping boards

Not just a dull wooden plank! A chopping board with personally engraved details of your names and wedding date can be a sweet daily reminder of your special day.

Whether choosing rectangular or circular in size, a chopping board can also be versatile. Use it as a cheese board or a beautiful serving platter for dinner parties and family gatherings.

Bath robes

What can be more heavenly than wrapping yourself up in a bathrobe? Both the bride and groom can take pleasure in soft and fluffy comfort after a long hot shower or deep soak in a bath tub.

Romantic. Practical. Luxurious. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect wedding gift!

Gift Card Registry

A gift card registry is the perfect solution that allows newly married couples to select their own practical gifts.

An account can be simply created online.  Guests can contribute securely to a special URL link especially set up for the bride and groom.

The gift card registry leaves guests feeling confident that they played a significant part in kick starting the couple’s new chapter in marriage.

Once the funds are loaded onto a prepaid credit card, the happy couple can enjoy buying top notch items for their home. They can officially start life in marital bliss.

Click here to start your registry.

What is a Virtual Wishing Well?

When it comes to planning their wedding day, modern Australian couples are steering away from the traditional wedding gift registry. With the growing trend of virtual wishing wells, requesting cash is no longer considered rude. Instead, it’s the perfect gift solution for the bride and groom who already have it all.

What is a Virtual Wishing Well?

While a wishing well allows guests to drop their physical cash gifts into a decorated box during the wedding reception, a virtual wishing well lets you make an online contribution.

Guests can discreetly choose how much they’d like to give. The newlyweds don’t have to worry about envelopes of cash being stolen or misplaced. Going virtual is undoubtedly the safe and secure alternative.

Why do you need it?

80 percent of Australian couples live together prior to marriage. Domestic life is already established. Their home is set up with all the necessary household items. If you’re part of this growing majority, a Virtual Wishing Well is the ideal gift registry option.

Creating a Virtual Wishing Well with Gift Card Registry is easy:

  • Simply register and choose your card design.
  • Include your details and the date of your special day
  • An account is set up and a personalised page is created
  • Share the page details to your wedding guests
  • Guests can then send through their contributions accompanied with a personal message
  • Track the funds online with excitement as you start the big countdown to your nuptials!
  • Your unique gift card will be sent via courier

Click here for further details on how to create your Gift Card Registry.

The Benefits of a Virtual Wishing Well

Your wedding day is a once in a life-time event.  Make it a joyous and memorable occasion by letting guests gift you with something you actually want. Whether the funds go towards your honeymoon or your new home, a virtual wishing well is the greatest kick start to newly married life.

With a Virtual Wishing Well you can:

  • Avoid unwanted gifts. (No more toasters or two of the same!)
  • Buy exactly what you want
  • Use your funds loaded gift card online and anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard

With a virtual wishing well friends and family don’t need to second guess the wedding present they plan to give you.

Not Just Weddings

Besides virtual wishing wells for weddings, Gift Card Registry is a versatile option for any once in a lifetime event.

Maybe you’re the maid of honour organising a bridal shower or wanting to throw your best friend the best baby shower ever. Perhaps your child is reaching their 21st birthday. Think of the thrill and excitement when family and friends receive their perfect gift card.

Uncomplicated Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can often be tricky to organise. Especially if time is limited. Yet, rallying a community or a large group to collect funds can be a huge act of kindness.

If you’re organising the office present for a colleague’s farewell or canvassing donations for a friend going through hardship, setting up Gift Card Registry is straightforward. Contributions and donations can be done online and donors can remain anonymous if they wish.

The Optimal Gift

Whether you’re organising a virtual wishing well for your own wedding or urgently need to help someone in the community with financial challenges, collecting cash has never been easier or worthwhile. Whatever the occasion, a Gift Card Registry will be deeply appreciated and forever remembered.

To find out more about Gift Card Registry, contact us here.

Wedding Destinations – Domestic or International

Do you dream of a romantic barefoot beach wedding in Hawaii? Or perhaps you would prefer to say “I do” somewhere closer to home.  These days, with both international and domestic travel being easily accessible and affordable, the choices for a wedding destination are endless.

According to a recent survey by newly married couples, 90% of weddings were held in the couples’ home state or territory, 7% in another state and 3% were overseas.

But if you’re still unsure about whether to get hitched in a faraway, exotic location or whether to keep it local, we take a closer look at the benefits of both options.

Big or small?

One of the first questions to ask when planning the big day is how big or small would you like your guest list to be. More often than not, bridal couples who opt to marry overseas will also be wanting a small, intimate ceremony.

As time and finances will be main points for guests to consider, let guests know well in advance, giving them plenty of time to save up for the big day as well as make time in their schedules.

Even if you don’t have the venue confirmed, send out a “Save The Date” along with the country destination so family and friends can start making their own arrangements.

It will still be inevitable for someone who can’t make it for your special day. Be mindful that not everyone can take the time away or have the budget to travel overseas. Will you be fine if close friends won’t be able to attend?

A Wedding Planner or DIY?

If you’re a Type A personality and need to be in control of your wedding plans, perhaps somewhere closer and a little familiar to home is your best option.

If you’ve already picked your overseas destination, the easiest option for planning would be to hire a local wedding planner. Not only will they know the area intimately but can recommend the most reliable and reputable vendors and venues. They’ll even have firsthand knowledge of the weather and have back up options if nature isn’t on your side.

A huge advantage will be to make a trip to the destination before your nuptials. It’s a great way to get yourself familiar with the environment and location and find your own connection to the area. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the local vendors yourself but also build trust with your selected wedding planner.

Don’t hold back and keep in constant communication with your wedding planner for that added peace of mind.


Contrary to expectations, a destination wedding doesn’t have to blow your budget. In fact, with less guests attending, exchanging vows in a faraway land can be cheaper.

As a thoughtful gesture, share with your guests on any hotel deals or airfare specials that you come across in your own planning.

Take the opportunity to make the trip as hassle free as possible for your guests. Instead of requesting wedding gifts that will be extra luggage, set up a Gift Card Registry account where guests send contributions for your new start together. Safer and more secure than wishing wells and money trees, once funds are loaded onto a Mastercard card, you have complete access. Avoiding unwanted gifts, you can buy whatever you want, wherever a Mastercard is accepted. Easy and simple! For more information, click to giftcardregistry.com or call 1300 354 362.

Straight from the aisle to the honeymoon

One of the biggest pluses of celebrating your nuptials overseas is that you’re also right there at your honeymoon destination too! It’s also a great opportunity for guests to extend their      trip to also having their own little getaway holiday.

Setting up a “Honeyfund” through Gift Card Registry is a great opportunity for family and friends to help make your honeymoon extra special.  Once contributions are made to your account, a prepaid Mastercard card will be sent to your chosen address. You then simply activate the card and it’s ready! Go on a shopping spree or upgrade to that luxurious hotel suite…kickstart married life with extravagance! To see the range of Honeymoon cards, head over to giftcardregistry.com.au.

What are you willing to compromise on

Marriage is a lifetime of comprises.  That journey will start when planning a destination wedding! At home or over yonder, wedding planning is never short on its stresses and hassle. To reduce stress and quieten down those bridezilla tendencies, remember that nothing will be exactly the same as back home.

When planning logistics and details for the wedding reception, consider the cultural aspects, local etiquette and even weather of your overseas wedding location. A beautiful, long sleeved laced number might not fare well in the tropics of a Fiji wedding.

And whatever you do – make sure your wedding dress is checked in as carry on luggage!

 Near or far, your wedding day will hold beautiful, lifelong memories, filled with laughter, emotion and of course, love.

Maid of Honours checklist to plan the perfect bridal shower

When bestowed the special task of maid of honour, planning the bridal shower will be one of your top priorities.

While the thought of organising such a significant event seems daunting at first, don’t fret!

The bride has picked you for good reason. Whether you’re her childhood best friend since childhood, sister or cousin, the bride has picked you specifically because she trusts you implicitly.

With every bride having her own individual taste, these days there are no set rules for the ideal bridal shower. What counts the most are your personal touches thoughtful gestures and the smooth sailing of planning and organising.

Whether you’re the social butterfly who loves to throw a soiree (think Rosie Byrne’s character in Bridesmaids) or just simply overwhelmed with where to start, here’s a checklist and timeline on how to plan the perfect bridal shower for your bestie.

2 – 3 months before:

Set a coffee or dinner date with the bride to be and have a proper sit down discussion about how the bride envisions her shower. An initial face to face meeting will allow both of you to brainstorm ideas but also set the excitement of what’s ahead!

Once you’ve had that first chat, keep the communication channels open and the ideas flowing through emails, phone calls and texts. Keep the bride updated as often as you can. You will help put her mind at ease and the two of you will share an even closer bond.

Here are the basics to cover:

  • Pick a date
  • Find a venue (make a booking, if needed)
  • Discuss the theme (tea party, champagne brunch, glam pyjamas – the list is endless!) and/or colour schemes
  • Determine guest list and contact information
  • Email or contact overseas or interstate guests to save the date
  • Pick out or create stationary for the invitations
  • Set a budget

5 – 6 weeks before:

Now you decided on the date, venue and theme, it’s time let the guests know! When sending out the invitations, don’t forget to include the directions to the venue as well as the gift registry.

If you’re stuck with bridal shower gift ideas, Gift Card Registry is the perfect solution. The shower guests can contribute to the Gift Card Registry and the funds are loaded onto a selected design Mastercard card. Imagine the look of delight when the bride receives her personalised Mastercard, knowing she can use it wherever and however her heart desires! To set up a gift registry, visit giftcardregistry.com.au.

Here’s your list of tasks:

  • Send invitations (including directions and gift registry)
  • Plan Menu and Order Food
  • Choose and buy “Thank you” gifts or goody bags for guests
  • Select games, icebreakers and other shower activities
  • Buy decorations, pick centrepieces and flowers (if needed)

1 month before

Not long to go! With the bulk of the planning done and dusted, there’s only a few party supply items to buy.

  • Purchase items for food serving and décor
  • Purchase paper products (paper plates, cups, bowls)
  • Follow up with anyone making or bringing items (cakes, desserts, games, music playlists)

2 – 3 weeks before

Getting closer to the big day! Here’s where you sharpen your leadership skills as there will be lots of following up and delegating tasks and responsibilities. It’s up to you that everyone is on schedule with their tasks – you’ve got this!

  • Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d
  • Check on and confirm any specific fine details requested to venue/restaurant, caterer, florist, photographer (if using)
  • Delegate responsibilities for the day of the bridal shower
  • Choose outfit

1 week before

So, so close! Keep cool and calm because you’ve pretty much got it covered!

  • Keep bride calm, reassure her that everything’s on track
  • Prepare decorations and items needed for games and activities
  • Prepare “Thank You” gifts
  • Order balloons (if using)
  • Make schedule for food preparation or if at restaurant, check and confirm menu
  • Decide on seating and layout

1 day before

You’re at the home stretch, stay focused! Don’t be shy to delegate any last minute errands to others or anyone in the bridal party.  Everyone will want to do their part and pitch in so don’t feel you have to do it all!

  • Prepare food
  • Pick up flowers, balloons, cake and purchased food
  • Prepare and set table and seating areas
  • Set up food and drink areas
  • Confirm agenda and schedule of bridal shower with bridal party

Day of…

The big day you’ve been working so hard for has finally arrived!

  • Prepare fresh food (such salads, fruit and cheese platters, final touches on desserts)
  • Make sure venue is clean
  • Decorate space
  • Set up drinks and food
  • Have handy – scissors, large rubbish bags, tape, notebook and pen
  • Have fun, grab a glass of bubbles and enjoy!

Once all the preparations are done and before the guests arrive, try and grab a few minutes with the bride. Give her a big hug to chase away pre-bridal shower jitters. She’ll appreciate it as well as all the wonderful work you’ve done!

And when that last guest leaves, kick off those heels, put your feet up and pour yourself a generous glass of wine, you deserve it! Well done!

Everything you need to know about wishing well weddings!

Is having a wishing well wedding really that awkward?  With the increase of couples already living together or deciding to tie the knot at a later age, there’s less need for traditional wedding gifts or even a gift registry.

According to recent statistics, 60% of Australian weddings have a wishing well, indicating bridal couples already have everything they need. Rather than receiving something they already have or remain unused, requesting money from family, friends and wedding guests is becoming the social norm.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about wishing well weddings.

How other cultures do wishing well weddings:

While asking for money at weddings is becoming more of the trend in Australia, for many other countries and cultures, cash has always been a significant part of the celebrations.

In China for instance, a tea ceremony will be performed by the bride. She will serve tea to the groom’s family members in a specific order. Afterwards, each family member will in turn hand a red packet (Hongbao) containing money.

In Hispanic countries, guests can pin cash on the bride throughout the the evening of the reception.

In some cultures, couples will document what they received from guests and relatives. This will ensure they will give the same amount when it’s time for their guests’ (or their family member’s) own wedding.

In good taste:

Of course just because a wishing well is increasingly socially acceptable these days, there’s still an elegant, discreet approach when asking for cash at your wedding.

When sending out the invitations, you can include a separate card with a cute poem or sweet verse that explains your hopes for cash gifts. Regardless, it’s nice to leave the option for to those who’d still rather stick with traditional wedding gifts.

Here’s an example of what you can send in your card:

“If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way.

A gift of cash towards our house would really make our day.

However, if you prefer a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own special way.”

An online wishing well:

Gift Card Registry avoids the awkwardness of cash wedding gifts and allows guests to congratulate you by contributing to an online wishing well.

The process is simple. Create  Gift Card Registry at giftcardregistry.com.au to set up your personal online registry. When the registry closes, Gift Card Registry will send you the total amount gift loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard that can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

With a prepaid gift card, you can buy whatever you want and let guests know the special part they played in helping you start married life.

Spread the message:

The sooner family, friends and guests know, the better prepared and informed everyone will be on what to expect from a wishing well wedding.

The bridal party, immediate family and close friends can also inform other guests (especially if they’re too shy to ask) about a couple’s reasons and intentions in asking for cash gifts.

At a wedding reception, you will find the wishing well in a discreet spot. Guests will then slip their wedding card and cash in an envelope and into the decorative box. (Bird cages and mailboxes are also popular choices). Sometimes blank envelopes will be placed on the side for guests who made a quick last minute trip to a nearby ATM.

Money well worth spent:

For most couples, a wishing well is a special but also pragmatic way to start a new married life together. Telling your guests the financial goals or plans to how you’ll be using their cash gifts, is an intimate and courteous acknowledgement of thanks.

Couples can send a photo on how their financial contributions helped kickstart married life.

For some it may be a happy snap of their honeymoon, for others it may the first capture in front of their new home.

Putting a number on it:

Opinions often vary and differ when it comes to how much guests should give the couple. Some suggest contributing to the reception costs and feel that cost per head will be appropriate . However, this concept is has been considered a little outdated.

There are those who believe that depending how close they are to either the bride or groom, should determine how much to contribute.

Ultimately, there is no definite number or value. It’s entirely up to the guest and how much they can and would like to give.

Be gracious

Family and friends will give what they can so remember to accept all gifts graciously.

At some weddings, guests can remain anonymous as to avoid embarrassment. While other guests are happy to let the couple know how much they pitched in.

However you decide to organise a wishing well at your wedding, family, friends and guests will be happy to pitch in. Whether their contribution is big or small, their well-wishes and love for your new life together will be in abundance.

Your own Gift Card Registry makes a 21st easy

If you’re organising a 21st celebration, you can encourage others to contribute to a prepaid Mastercard at Gift Card Registry (giftcardregistry.com.au). Set up a registry for the birthday and guests can contribute as they wish, so the recipient receives the combined amount on a gift card. They’ll be delighted to choose what they really want.

Who are Gen Z?

These young people show they are concerned about social issues and the environment. Gen Z want to make their views count.

Unpredictable to others, they may play up, play down, or challenge what is expected of them, both in their personal and public lives.

What do Gen Z’s really care about?

Here’s a list of their priorities from a recent survey:

  •  The human causes of climate change, with their main concerns being pollution (65 percent), deforestation (53 percent) and greenhouse gas emissions (46 percent).
  •  96 percent said they are willing to speak out and take action, both personally and professionally, to combat climate change.
  •  57 percent would purchase products from companies doing the right thing to address the potential impact of climate change.
  • 51 percent would tell others to purchase the company’s products
  • 39 percent would not support competitors who did not do the right thing.

Gen Z prefers cool products

The US survey of the attitudes, behaviours and values of the Gen Z post-millennial generation showed that Gen Z’s actually prefer cool products over cool experiences and are likely to purchase gifts that fit with their beliefs.

On their birthday, a gift card that allows them to buy what they want, where they want, is the ideal gift.

Gift cards empower the recipient

So when you are invited to a 21st, show you understand their independence and their challenges by giving a gift card. They’ll appreciate the coolest gift of all and thank you for your thoughtfulness!

To view the range of gift cards and order, visit giftcardstore.com.au.

To set up a gift registry, visit giftcardregistry.com.au.


Global communications firm Edelman interviewed 1,000 young Americans, ages 16-22 (Gen Z) and ages 23-38 (Millennials), in August 2019 ahead of the 74th UN General Assembly. Find out more: https://www.edelman.com/news-awards/new-survey-reveals-strong-support-of-united-nations-from-millennials