How to increase donations by going virtual with Gift Card Registry

Online fundraising is a winner! Click to donate is proving a successful way to boost donations for a good cause, with one in every four fundraising dollars from individuals now generated in a virtual environment. ^

With a quick click, givers can donate to a cause while on the go, using their smartphone. Mobile fundraising has increased 80 percent since 2013 with 18 percent of donors saying they have given through their mobile devices. ^^

Click to donate on the go

Two out of every five givers now donate online, whereas two years ago it was one out of three. More people now access the internet via their phones rather than through desktop computers, laptops, or tablets.

Online donations on the increase

The amount of individual donor revenue raised from online giving has grown from 17 to 24 percent in just two years. There’s been a significant increase in the proportion of donors who choose to do their charitable giving online.

If you are finding it hard to raise funds for your cause because everyone thinks the economy is slowing – don’t be discouraged, donors will continue to give to a cause they are committed to.

Online fundraising is a great way to boost funds for your cause but it’s easy to find reasons to be discouraged when you read that economists are reporting that households are more cautious with their spending.

Leverage the benefits of online fundraising

You can raise funds for your chosen cause by leveraging the benefits of online fundraising by donations.

Research shows that asking for gifts, processing payments securely online, and thanking donors for their gift is easier and costs less than organising and processing offline donations.

Gift Card Registry makes it easy

Partnering with Gift Card Registry makes raising funds even easier as you can set up a registry at no cost, choose a card design and let potential donors know your plans.

Depending on who you want to target for your fundraising, you can email your friends and family and let them know the details of your project and provide a link to your Gift Card Registry page. If yours is a wider community – a sports club or special project – set up a Facebook page with a link to your Gift Card Registry.

Plan for success

Great communication is the basis of great fundraising. First steps in any fundraising project are to clearly set out a plan.

  • Tell your story
  • Set milestones
  • Set up a registry at Gift Card Registry to accept the donations
  • Ask others to get involved through social media and email.

When donations start coming in:

  • Show your donors you appreciate their support with thanks
  • Update everyone as each milestone is reached both through email and social media
  • Let everyone know when the goal is achieved.

Remember to keep everyone up to date with progress, make sure donors feel appreciated and recognised.

Set up a Gift Card Registry for your fund raising

Gift Card Registry makes it easy to set up a Crowd Funding page here. Simply enter your contact details, select your ‘Event Type’ and the date that you wish your registry to close. The team at Gift Card Registry will then set-up the donations page and send you a unique link to the page so you can share that link so others can easily donate.

Once your registry has closed after your selected date, Gift Card Registry will send your Mastercard gift card loaded with the donations that have been contributed, which you will receive 10 business days after the closure date. The Mastercard gift card can then be used in over 37 million outlets instore and online worldwide, to enable you to help your chosen cause.

Set-up a Crowd Funding Gift Card Registry today.



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^^One out of Five Donors Has Now Given Using Smartphone or Tablet. 2016 Donor survey commissioned by Dunham+Company and conducted by Campbell Rinker. Available from:  https://www.dunhamandcompany.com.au/2016/04/dunhamcompany-study-explosive-growth-in-donations-via-mobile-devices/