When they need your help, partner with Gift Card Registry to make a difference

Who expects the unexpected? When you or your relatives experience a major family crisis or when a family member or close friend is going through a serious illness or trauma, your immediate reaction is ‘how can I help?’

As superstar singer-songwriter Bruno Mars says in his hit song Count on Me – ‘Find out what we’re made of when we are called to help our friends in need’.

Gift Card Registry to help those in need

When you are called to help your friends in need, Gift Card Registry can be the solution to your fundraising requirements. Gift Card Registry is more than a gift registry for weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers and house-warming. It can be a solution for fundraising in times of need.

We have all been touched by stories in the media of children or families who are going through life-threatening illness or trauma that requires funding for special treatment. A child with a serious illness that needs expensive medication; a sister whose only chance for survival is to travel overseas for specialist treatment; a friend who needs ongoing life-saving care.

Raising funds through Gift Card Registry

When you want to assist with raising funds in a secure online environment, visit Gift Card Registry at giftcardregistry.com.au. You can set up your registry at no cost, choose a card design and outline your project plan. The team at Gift Card Registry will set up your account and send you a unique link that you can send to others who want to contribute to the fund. Once the project has closed, the funds will be loaded onto a Mastercard prepaid card and can then be used wherever Mastercard is accepted worldwide to pay for the treatment or care, travel or accommodation.

How to set up a Gift Card Registry for fundraising.

  • Keep the focus on the recipient. The project should focus on the person or need.
  • Enlist helpers. Ask others to be part of the planning and ongoing campaign.
  • Set a goal. Start by doing some research so you can set a fundraising goal.
  • Be specific. Outline what the fundraising will pay for and how much it will cost. Provide links for background details.
  • Research other sources of funds. Find out if there are any charitable trusts where you can apply for a grant and any government assistance that may be available.
  • Let people know about your fundraising. Reach out to your network of supporters, starting with friends and family and the campaign will spread.
  • Use social media. Set up a Facebook page to tell others about the campaign. Through social media you can let people know the need and give them details about what you are planning. Help them to feel personally involved in the fundraising as you let them know progress.
  • Set milestones for fundraising. Celebrate each one as you reach the numbers on the way to the grand total.
  • When the goal is reached, let everyone know. Have contingency plans in place if your goal is exceeded.

Research shows crowdfunding works

Research shows that medical crowdfunding campaigns have the potential to benefit individuals with rare diseases seeking funding for research and/or various diagnostic and treatment options.^

A review of crowdfunding projects for rare genetic disease identified factors for success:

  • Engage social media and utilising the process to network
  • Educate the donors about the reason for the fundraising
  • Use video to inform about the disease or medical condition
  • Develop a sense of connectivity to the research within the community with updates on the campaign.

Are there any taxation implications?

The ATO regards a crowdfunding project as similar to receiving a gift, based on generosity and goodwill.^^

if the fundraising project has no commercial or businesslike activities and no intention to make a profit other than raise funds for the project, it is not classified as a business or profit-making scheme and will not need to pay tax.

Individual donors cannot claim a tax deduction for their contributions unless the project is being managed by a registered charity. Funds contributed in the course of carrying on a business may be deductible as ordinary business expenses. Check with the ATO for specific details.

Find out more about fundraising

Contact Gift Card Registry on 1300 354 632 for more details about setting up a fundraising registry.


^ Interactive Journal of Medical Research 2018. Engaging a Community for Rare Genetic Disease: Best Practices and Education from Individual Crowdfunding Campaigns.

^^Australian Taxation Office. Crowdfunding. ATO advice: https://www.ato.gov.au/business/income-and-deductions-for-business/in-detail/crowdfunding/