How To Throw The Perfect Baby Shower: Your Ultimate Planning Checklist

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Throwing a perfect baby shower requires a checklist that includes all the essentials, ensuring all goes smoothly on the day. 

Whether you’re organising your mum-to-be best friend’s baby shower or your own, our blog post shares baby shower party ideas so you can create the most memorable occasion. The little cherub will undoubtedly arrive showered with affection and love from family and friends. 

Set the Date: 

Some believe that when you’re ready to announce the happy news of having a baby, it’s a great time also to pick a date for the baby shower. Family and friends can immediately save the date, and even if it’s still a while away, time does fly!  

Most baby showers are typically held 4 to 6 weeks before the due date. 

The whole pregnancy journey is exciting, and those last few weeks before the big arrival is an uplifting time for everyone to celebrate with the mum-to-be. 

Choose a Suitable Venue: 

As the expectant mother will be in the late stages of her pregnancy, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment is ideal for the baby shower.  

If you’re stuck on baby shower party ideas for the venue, why not ask the mum-to-be what she has in mind. Would she like the party in the comforts of a home? Perhaps her preference is to have the baby shower in a private room at a fancy restaurant that serves high tea. 

Wherever you decide to hold the baby shower, the aim is to make sure the guest of honour can sit back, relax, enjoy and savour sweet moments with her closest friends. 

Pick a Fun Theme: 

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it’s time to brainstorm some baby shower theme ideas. 

Are you thinking of a circus theme, setting up a marquee in the backyard? How about a baby shower centred around flowers and bees? A fun favourite is a jungle theme, decorated with monkeys and elephants as soft toys and paper palm trees. 

Whether you choose vibrant colours or subdued pastels, kittens or puppies, the baby shower party ideas are endless for themes.  

Prepare the Guest List: 

Who makes the guest list largely depends on how big or small the baby shower will be. If you’re doing the organising, it might be a good idea to chat with the mummy-to-be to see how many guests she would like to invite.  

Some expecting mums will want a big extravagant affair and feel that the more, the merrier. Others may prefer a low-key baby shower with just family and close friends.  

However substantial or selective the guest list, it’s crucial to let the guests know of the date as soon as possible. You can send a “Save The Date” notification if you haven’t secured a venue or the other baby shower details yet. 

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 

Helping a pregnant friend prepare for motherhood is a rare and beautiful privilege. The new mum will be overwhelmed trying to figure out what she needs, from feeding bottles to nappies and blankets. A baby shower party is an opportune time to offer support and make sure mum-to-be is ready with everything she needs. 

Some practical baby shower ideas include: 

  • Beautifully printed swaddles in organic cotton 
  • Stylish nappy bags with lots of room and compartments to carry other baby essentials like bottles, nappy changing mats and extra clean baby clothes  
  • Night light lamp for those early mornings or middle of the night feeding times 
  • Soothing, moisturising body and facial creams for mum during her post-natal recovery 
  • Baby journal with keepsake box to record and treasure the memories of bubba’s early stages 
  • A Gift Card Registry that enables mummy-to-be to use a prepaid Mastercard card so she can buy what she wants or needs in her own time 

Gift Card Registry: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea for Every Mum-To-Be 

A Gift Card Registry is a simple arrangement giving guests the option to contribute to mum-to-be and her exciting new chapter. The baby shower host can create an account that automatically generates a URL link. 

Guests can transfer funds securely by using the link and including a personalised message of congratulations.  

As the baby shower date approaches, the host can see the funds gradually build, creating extra excitement for the party! On the day, the soon to be mummy will be thrilled with her prepaid Mastercard, which gives her endless shopping options for her new baby. 

Send Out Baby Shower Invitations: 

After establishing the guest list, let the guests know! You can choose traditional paper-based invitations or go digital. 

You can also include a Gift Card Registry link in the invitation when sending out details. Guests no longer have to figure out what baby shower gift to bring. Instead, they can conveniently contribute as soon as they receive their invitation.  

Avoid unwanted baby shower gifts. A Gift Card Registry will make sure mummy has all she needs and wants when bubba arrives. 

Do you have a friend who’s expecting? Are you struggling with baby shower party ideas? Make the right start with a Baby Shower Gift Card Registry.  

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