No more toasters – ask for what you want with Gift Card Registry

Organising a wedding is a major logistics operation that calls for short cuts and time saving tips to make the planning as smooth as possible. You’ll save both time and stress with a Gift Card Registry!

More secure than a wishing well

Compared with a store-based Wedding Registry or a Wishing Well at the reception, a Gift Card Registry is the superior way to give and receive because it is secure, convenient, easy to use and saves everyone time. You are not locked into preselecting gifts like traditional registries.

No unwanted gifts

Traditional gift giving has been turned on its head with cutting edge technology and the advantage of a prepaid Mastercard. Setting up a Gift Card Registry means no unwanted gifts and it is more secure than wishing wells and money trees.

Research recommends saying what you want

Research shows that inviting guests to contribute to a wedding fund is preferred by the recipients of the gifts. Studies by Harvard and Stanford researchers and published in Experimental Social Psychology, showed that gift recipients most appreciated receiving money more than receiving a specific gift.^

No surprises, thanks!

Surprises may be exciting but can be a disappointment when you get unwanted presents. With a Gift Card registry, you are sure of getting what you want because you are going to be choosing the gifts.

All the money received on the Registry is transferred to a prepaid Mastercard, ready for you to go on your honeymoon or complete your shopping after the wedding. You can spend it anywhere in the world or online where Mastercard is accepted, a versatile and easy option.

Once your registry has closed, you will be sent the card for you to buy exactly what you both want.

Understanding the gift exchange

The studies on the benefits of explicitness in gift exchange showed that there is a vast difference in perception between gift givers and recipients.

Gift recipients:

  • Appreciated receiving money more than receiving a specific gift.
  • Were more appreciative of gifts they explicitly request.
  • Regarded givers who gave what they had asked for as being more thoughtful.

Gift givers thought:

  • Recipients did not appreciate receiving money as much as receiving a specific gift.
  • Whatever they gave would be equally appreciated.
  • A surprise gift would be appreciated just as much as if it had been chosen by the recipient.
  • Money wouldn’t be appreciated as much as an asked-for gift.

Please give us what we want!

Gift givers failed to realise that people prefer receiving what they want. However, when recipients specified the gift they would like, givers became more willing to purchase the requested gift.

The studies showed that gift recipients were more thankful when receiving a gift they had asked for, rather than one that had been chosen for them by the giver.

Gift Card Registry is the answer to gift giving

Gift Card Registry makes gift giving easy and everyone can be assured that the recipient will get just what they want and it will be appreciated.

It gives the opportunity to give the best possible gift for a wedding, birthday or special occasion because the giver knows that the recipient will be able to buy exactly what they want or need.

Give the gift of choice

Friends and family of the couple to be married can rest assured that they will not need to wonder whether to purchase another toaster or slow cooker, crystal glasses or cushions in the hope the newlyweds will need and like what they have chosen.

The ultimate gift is one of choice for the recipient! Gift givers don’t need to spend days looking for the perfect gift.

Guests will save time and stress by connecting with your Gift Card Registry. Let them know that you appreciate being able to purchase just what you want.

Express appreciation

After the honeymoon when you have had an opportunity to buy what you want using the Gift Card Registry funds, let your guests know how you used the prepaid Mastercard and thank them for their contribution. They like to be appreciated too!



^Give them what they want: The benefits of explicitness in gift exchange. Francesca Ginoa (Harvard Business), Francis J.Flynn (Stanford Business),  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 2011.