Top 10 ideas to celebrate a milestone birthday!

You can’t avoid it, so make the most of it! When it’s your ‘Big 0’ Birthday, it’s time to celebrate.

Whether the celebration is for a 20th or 80th birthday any double-digit number that ends with a zero is special, so make it one to remember!

No one likes to be reminded they are growing older, so if there’s a milestone birthday coming up and you’re planning a celebration for a friend or family member’s special birthday, make sure they want it acknowledged. Or organise a surprise party for them to join the fun.

Milestones add up for birthday avoiders

Adding up the years is sometimes not an occasion some people want remembered. They would rather ignore the passage of time and hope no one realises their true age. If you are making plans to celebrate a special occasion with a birthday-avoider, you will need all your charm to convince them to observe their milestone.

Gift Card Registry is the answer for gift giving

Suggest using Gift Card Registry for friends and family to contribute. Gift Card Registry is perfect for when the birthday celebrant says ‘No gifts!’ Make it easy for the guests to contribute to a prepaid gift card so the recipient can buy what they want, when they want.

And if they really don’t want a gift, they can donate their gift card to a worthy charity!

When you are organising the celebration, go online to giftcardregistry.com.au and set up a registry for the birthday celebration.

You can then send a link to all the guests so they can go online and contribute to the prepaid Mastercard gift card. Guests can also leave an online message for the birthday celebrant.

Gift Card Registry makes it easy to give and guests will thank you for not having to shop for a present. Your birthday celebrant can then use the card for something they really want.

Low-key or memorable milestone?

Milestone birthdays can be low-key or a memorable celebration.

When you are planning a milestone birthday, make the celebration about the birthday celebrant and keep it in style with their preferences.

10 party ideas for any milestone, from 20 to 100

  1. Surprise Party – the party you organise when the birthday celebrant doesn’t want their birthday recognised. The key to a successful surprise party is keeping it a secret from the star guest. Surprise parties can borrow ideas from other party themes, it’s just that planning for the event must be kept to a few trusted friends or family.
  2. Day Cruise – a river or harbour cruise can be a great way to celebrate. Check out party boats that you can hire for the event.
  3. Luxury party – could be a night at a classy hotel, a high tea, an indulgent spa session or a stage show. Make it something luxurious to remember for years. Look for special hotel deals.
  4. Road Trip – Australia has so many scenic destinations that would make a memorable road trip at any age. Plan ahead for your on-road adventure. Take a tent and make it a camping trip. Ideal for small groups.
  5. Destination unknown – for an adventurous birthday consider a mystery break. Check your preferred airline for details of their mystery short break escapes. Great for small groups who would enjoy a surprise destination for a celebration.
  6. A vintage year – Focus on the year they were born for a great theme for a dress up party. Friends of similar age will have fun looking for outfits from the era they were born whether it was 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. Research special events that happened that year as a theme.
  7. Early bird party – a party for any age, particularly if children are attending. Make an early start – breakfast or brunch – so you can continue to celebrate into the afternoon and evening if everyone’s enjoying themselves.
  8. Pool party – a family favourite. Hold this one at the home with the biggest pool! A barbecue in the backyard is an Aussie tradition and the easiest of all parties.
  9. Bring a plate – the ultimate low key, no fuss, easy party. Friends chip in to bring a plate or easier still, just order pizzas for a night of fun.
  10. Fundraising party – for the birthday avoiders who are reluctant to party, suggest having an event to fundraise for their favourite charity. Set up a Gift Card Registry for the donations and make the party a great way to help others!

To set up a Gift Card Registry, go to giftcardregistry.com.au or call 1300 354 632.