Wedding Destinations – Domestic or International

Do you dream of a romantic barefoot beach wedding in Hawaii? Or perhaps you would prefer to say “I do” somewhere closer to home.  These days, with both international and domestic travel being easily accessible and affordable, the choices for a wedding destination are endless.

According to a recent survey by newly married couples, 90% of weddings were held in the couples’ home state or territory, 7% in another state and 3% were overseas.

But if you’re still unsure about whether to get hitched in a faraway, exotic location or whether to keep it local, we take a closer look at the benefits of both options.

Big or small?

One of the first questions to ask when planning the big day is how big or small would you like your guest list to be. More often than not, bridal couples who opt to marry overseas will also be wanting a small, intimate ceremony.

As time and finances will be main points for guests to consider, let guests know well in advance, giving them plenty of time to save up for the big day as well as make time in their schedules.

Even if you don’t have the venue confirmed, send out a “Save The Date” along with the country destination so family and friends can start making their own arrangements.

It will still be inevitable for someone who can’t make it for your special day. Be mindful that not everyone can take the time away or have the budget to travel overseas. Will you be fine if close friends won’t be able to attend?

A Wedding Planner or DIY?

If you’re a Type A personality and need to be in control of your wedding plans, perhaps somewhere closer and a little familiar to home is your best option.

If you’ve already picked your overseas destination, the easiest option for planning would be to hire a local wedding planner. Not only will they know the area intimately but can recommend the most reliable and reputable vendors and venues. They’ll even have firsthand knowledge of the weather and have back up options if nature isn’t on your side.

A huge advantage will be to make a trip to the destination before your nuptials. It’s a great way to get yourself familiar with the environment and location and find your own connection to the area. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the local vendors yourself but also build trust with your selected wedding planner.

Don’t hold back and keep in constant communication with your wedding planner for that added peace of mind.


Contrary to expectations, a destination wedding doesn’t have to blow your budget. In fact, with less guests attending, exchanging vows in a faraway land can be cheaper.

As a thoughtful gesture, share with your guests on any hotel deals or airfare specials that you come across in your own planning.

Take the opportunity to make the trip as hassle free as possible for your guests. Instead of requesting wedding gifts that will be extra luggage, set up a Gift Card Registry account where guests send contributions for your new start together. Safer and more secure than wishing wells and money trees, once funds are loaded onto a Mastercard card, you have complete access. Avoiding unwanted gifts, you can buy whatever you want, wherever a Mastercard is accepted. Easy and simple! For more information, click to giftcardregistry.com or call 1300 354 362.

Straight from the aisle to the honeymoon

One of the biggest pluses of celebrating your nuptials overseas is that you’re also right there at your honeymoon destination too! It’s also a great opportunity for guests to extend their      trip to also having their own little getaway holiday.

Setting up a “Honeyfund” through Gift Card Registry is a great opportunity for family and friends to help make your honeymoon extra special.  Once contributions are made to your account, a prepaid Mastercard card will be sent to your chosen address. You then simply activate the card and it’s ready! Go on a shopping spree or upgrade to that luxurious hotel suite…kickstart married life with extravagance! To see the range of Honeymoon cards, head over to giftcardregistry.com.au.

What are you willing to compromise on

Marriage is a lifetime of comprises.  That journey will start when planning a destination wedding! At home or over yonder, wedding planning is never short on its stresses and hassle. To reduce stress and quieten down those bridezilla tendencies, remember that nothing will be exactly the same as back home.

When planning logistics and details for the wedding reception, consider the cultural aspects, local etiquette and even weather of your overseas wedding location. A beautiful, long sleeved laced number might not fare well in the tropics of a Fiji wedding.

And whatever you do – make sure your wedding dress is checked in as carry on luggage!

 Near or far, your wedding day will hold beautiful, lifelong memories, filled with laughter, emotion and of course, love.