After the wedding, saying thank you is a tradition still on trend

When the excitement of the wedding is a happy memory and your new life together is just beginning, there are still a few things to complete the delight of the wedding experience.

Just when you thought the planning was all over, there’s more to do. Your priorities, as well as adjusting to your new life as a couple, include the fun of viewing the photographs and the task of saying ‘thank you’.

Gift Card Registry is the new style of gift giving

Your special wedding guests have shared your wonderful day, and many will have contributed to your Gift Card Registry, so you can enjoy the gift of a Mastercard prepaid gift card. When you’re ready to use the card to buy just what you want for your future, think of those who have made your gift possible – and thank them.

Tradition is still on trend

A ‘thank you’ shows that you appreciate their gifts and are delighted that they shared the wedding day with you.

Traditional wedding etiquette may seem like a relic from the past, particularly if you’ve chosen an individual style of wedding. Whether you enjoyed a romantic ceremony in a church, on the beach, or at the registry office, good manners never go out of fashion.

It’s an ongoing tradition to include the writing and sending of personal thank you cards or notes to every guest. Whatever their contribution to the wedding, they will appreciate your thanks.

When to thank

Order the thank you cards at the same time as the wedding invitations so they are ready to send when you get back from your honeymoon.

Send the thank you notes within four to six weeks of the wedding.

Hand written is important

Your cards may be printed with a standard ‘thank you’ message, but it is important that you add some hand-written words to personalise the appreciation. Include the guests’ names and add a short personal message that is individual to them.

If you have used Gift Card Registry for your wedding gifts, your guests will be interested to know what you are going to use the gift card for. Is it for your honeymoon, to help with the wedding, or to buy furnishings or appliances for your new home? Let them know what the gift card is being spent on and they will enjoy sharing your plans.

Thanks for coming

Guests who have travelled long distances and made a special effort to be present to share your big day will appreciate being thanked for their attendance at your wedding. If they played a special role such as being in the bridal party or the MC or are a close relative – mother or father of the bride or groom – give them specific mention.

Some guests may not have contributed to your Gift Card Registry but have showed their love and acceptance in other ways such as assisting with catering, cars or even helping out by minding children at a critical time. Thank them too!

Make it easy for yourself

Early days of married life can be hectic and writing dozens of thank you notes becomes a chore you would rather put off.  Try these tips to help with motivating you to get them done.

  • Make room to write. Create a space at home to write the notes. Keep the cards, envelopes, stamps, pen and your address list all in one place so you can continue writing whenever you get the opportunity.
  • Share the task. Ask your spouse to help, specially if the list of thank yous is a long one.
  • Keep a master list. Tick off each one as you write the notes. Important if you are sharing the task so you don’t double up.
  • Set yourself a timeline. Daily or weekly goals can give focus so the project doesn’t seem overwhelming. For example, aim to write three thank yous each night, or 10 in a week to start ticking off the names on your list.
  • Saying thanks is good for you! Thanking someone and being thanked create feel good moments that are remembered. There is no downside to a thank you!

Receiving a thank you rebounds

People who are thanked for their gifts or assistance feel a greater desire to help the person who has thanked them. Appreciation is reciprocal and can be a positive gesture to foster friendship, enhance family life and create a valuable bond.

As the thanker, you’ll feel good too after showing your appreciation.

Thank you is easy with Gift Card Registry

Using Gift Card Registry for your wedding gifts makes it easy for you to thank each person who has helped to achieve your special reward, the prepaid Mastercard so you can decide what to buy.

Go online to find out more about setting up your personal registry at giftcardregistry.com.au or phone Gift Card Registry on 1300 354 632.

You will be sent a prepaid Mastercard loaded with the total amount gifted when the registry closes. The card can be used worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted.

With a prepaid gift card, you can buy just what you want and in your thank you note, let the guests know how you have used the money on the card to start your life together. It’s the new way of gifting for weddings, made easy for guests and perfect for newlyweds.