Make honeymoon planning stress-free with an on-trend mini-moon

Organising a wedding followed by a traditional honeymoon is like having two major logistical assignments to project manage – a challenging task for any couple juggling jobs, a social life and the excitement of a new chapter in your life together!

While you are concentrating on making your big day one to remember for the rest of your life, your second major project – consider swapping your honeymoon for a mini-moon, the new approach to wedding traditions.

Mini-moons are on trend

A survey by American wedding website The Knot showed that more than 80% of newlyweds choose a mini-moon after their wedding.

Romantic short break

The idea is to make your honeymoon a romantic short break to wind down after the excitement of your wedding. You can then take the time to plan your ‘real honeymoon’ for a convenient later date to the destination of your choice.

When the wedding planning seems endless and the big day just gets bigger, choose a mini-moon. If time off work is an issue, then the mini-moon makes a great option for a short break for your wedding week.

Mini-moons make a great alternative to a ‘real honeymoon’.

  • Romance and recuperation. Your love will be the focus of your mini-moon whatever you decide to do. Get creative and plan the treasured few days of your mini-moon to be a special escape to start your married life getting to know each other.
  • Make it affordable. A mini-moon of three to five days is perfect to keep costs down. The wedding alone can stretch the budget, so a short getaway can be the perfect solution to keep costs manageable.
  • Take the kids. If you are already a family and have children, a short break can solve your planning dilemmas. Grandparents may be persuaded to mind the children while you take a mini-moon – or if that isn’t possible, take the children with you as they will enjoy a getaway too!
  • Share with friends and family. If friends or family have made a special trip to your wedding from overseas or interstate, they may enjoy a few days post-wedding to spend with you. Surprise them with an invite to the mini-moon and make it a friends and family break. As you are having a ‘real honeymoon’ for just the two of you at a later date, it can be a great opportunity to catch up with the people you most care about at a time when everyone is feeling the love.

Plan something completely different

When planning a mini-moon it can be fun to design a getaway that is a complete contrast to your everyday life. Keep the break within five days or it loses the mini-moon vibe.

  • From the city: Plan a beach break, or rural retreat. Check Airbnb to find a complete contrast to your usual residence.
  • From the country: Book a luxury hotel in the nearest ‘big smoke’. Enjoy a spa, relax in the pool, order room service and just enjoy each other.
  • From inland: A three to five-day cruise really gets away from it all.
  • From your place: A short international flight will see you on a relaxing Pacific Island or across the ditch in New Zealand. Look for special deals on flights that can make a quick mini-moon affordable.

Tips for a memorable mini-moon

  • Focus on each other. Don’t try to cram too much into the few days. You are there to relax and recharge after the excitement of your wedding. Take it easy.
  • Pack light. Consider the season and just take enough clothes for the few days you will be away.
  • Indulge in something special. An extravagant meal, hire a bike or a boat or explore the region on foot. Take in a show, visit a farmers’ market, museum or art gallery.

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