Newborn Gifts List of Perfect Newborn Baby Gifts

Looking back when my twins were newborn babies, there certainly wasn’t anything more precious and fragile than those early days. Filled with sleep deprivation and constant nappy changing (times two, mind you!), the newborn baby stage is fleeting. It’s completely true when people say, “Cherish those moments.”

When my friends threw a baby shower for the impending arrival of my twin boys, I was extremely grateful for all the lovely presents. All were unique but also extremely useful. Especially for a new (and slightly terrified) parent like myself.

Babies don’t come with a manual. Finding the right kind of baby gear, clothes or essentials for a newborn can be confusing and daunting for a new parent.

The best newborn baby gift ideas are the ones that new parents would never have thought of buying themselves. Something that makes their life easier and smoothly settle into parenthood.


What are the best newborn baby gifts?

Cosy Swaddle Blanket

The first thing any parent learns when their new baby arrives is how to swaddle. The trick is to make your baby feel like they’re still in the womb – snug and warm. Swaddles that have velcro, zippers and snaps can make wrapping easier and quicker.

Easy on the Back Baby Carrier

Babies love to be held and carried close. Unfortunately, it can be a huge burden on the parent’s back. From soft-clothed carrier wraps to sturdy baby backpacks, there’s countless options for different parenting needs.

Perfect Pacifier

Pacifiers were a lifesaver for this mum of twins! These days pacifiers also come in silicone as a better option for babies who have a latex allergy. Also, to save parents from constantly losing the pacifier, buying a clip with the pacifier will help. Add a sweet touch and gift the pacifier with a cute soft toy.

White Noise or Sound Machine

For those restless nights (and there will be many!), a sound machine is a great option to soothe a crying baby. White noise also helps babies get into a natural sleeping rhythm and drowns out external noises like the television, doorbells or boisterous older siblings.

Baby’s First Beautifully Illustrated Picture Books

The video of Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle reading book “Duck! Rabbit!” to her adorable son, Archie almost broke the internet. It beautifully captured an intimate moment between mum and baby.

Reading to a newborn is not only great stimulus for them but also helps create special memories. The gentle rhythm and rhyme of a parent’s voices is especially soothing for a restless baby.

Here are some classics that I loved reading to my twin boys:

  • “The Snail and The Whale” by Julia Donaldson
  • “Guess How Much I Love You? ” by Sam McBratney
  • “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell
  • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle
  • “Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes” by Mem Fox (This one particularly tugged at my heart strings. Get the tissues ready!)

What is a unique baby gift?

For those who want to get a unique present, here are some gift ideas that keep things cute and memorable.

  • Animal hooded towels – Straight out of the bath, wrap your bundle of joy in a baby koala or panda.
  • Pewter money boxes with personalised engraving – A gift that lasts forever and has the perfect sentimental touch.
  • Silver jewellery – Little bangles, anklets or bracelets engraved with your precious one’s name will be forever treasured. Also makes a great christening gift.
  • First football plush toy – Perfect for the family of avid footy fans.
  • Cute costume onesies – Keeping your one snug but also irresistible as a unicorn, monkey or dinosaur.
  • Baby Hats – Fluffy, floopy or with bunny ears, keep them warm and staying cute.


What to buy a newborn that has everything?

With so many choices, finding the perfect newborn baby gift can be tricky. Every baby is different. Sometimes we won’t know what a parent needs until their little one arrives.

If you’re organising a baby shower for a loved one, Gift Card Registry is the perfect solution for a collective group gift. Gift Card Registry lets family, friends and guests contribute funds to a Prepaid Mastercard that the expecting parents can use for their baby.

Setting up Gift Card Registry is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Click HERE to set up an account with your loved one’s contact details. You can also select the card design.
  2. Select the date you wish you close the baby shower Gift Card Registry.
  3. Date you need your card by (Allow 10 days for delivery).
  4. Share the URL link to your registry with family, friends and guests.
  5. Enjoy watching the funds grow with the weekly email update sent by the Gift Card Registry team.
  6. Keep your registry open even after the baby shower is over and close it 10 days before you would like to use the card.

With a Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card, new parents can:

  • Buy whatever they want wherever Mastercard is accepted. Parents will have 37 million stores and online sites to choose from.
  • Take their time in deciding what their little one needs.
  • Avoid unwanted gifts or the hassle of returning gifts and merchandise.

There is no greater joy than welcoming a new little human being into the world. Gift Card Registry can help new parents with a kickstart to an exciting new chapter.

Set up your Gift Card Registry today. Got questions? Speak to a specialist or email [email protected].