What is a Virtual Wishing Well?

When it comes to planning their wedding day, modern Australian couples are steering away from the traditional wedding gift registry. With the growing trend of virtual wishing wells, requesting cash is no longer considered rude. Instead, it’s the perfect gift solution for the bride and groom who already have it all.

What is a Virtual Wishing Well?

While a wishing well allows guests to drop their physical cash gifts into a decorated box during the wedding reception, a virtual wishing well lets you make an online contribution.

Guests can discreetly choose how much they’d like to give. The newlyweds don’t have to worry about envelopes of cash being stolen or misplaced. Going virtual is undoubtedly the safe and secure alternative.

Why do you need it?

80 percent of Australian couples live together prior to marriage. Domestic life is already established. Their home is set up with all the necessary household items. If you’re part of this growing majority, a Virtual Wishing Well is the ideal gift registry option.

Creating a Virtual Wishing Well with Gift Card Registry is easy:

  • Simply register and choose your card design.
  • Include your details and the date of your special day
  • An account is set up and a personalised page is created
  • Share the page details to your wedding guests
  • Guests can then send through their contributions accompanied with a personal message
  • Track the funds online with excitement as you start the big countdown to your nuptials!
  • Your unique gift card will be sent via courier

Click here for further details on how to create your Gift Card Registry.

The Benefits of a Virtual Wishing Well

Your wedding day is a once in a life-time event.  Make it a joyous and memorable occasion by letting guests gift you with something you actually want. Whether the funds go towards your honeymoon or your new home, a virtual wishing well is the greatest kick start to newly married life.

With a Virtual Wishing Well you can:

  • Avoid unwanted gifts. (No more toasters or two of the same!)
  • Buy exactly what you want
  • Use your funds loaded gift card online and anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard

With a virtual wishing well friends and family don’t need to second guess the wedding present they plan to give you.

Not Just Weddings

Besides virtual wishing wells for weddings, Gift Card Registry is a versatile option for any once in a lifetime event.

Maybe you’re the maid of honour organising a bridal shower or wanting to throw your best friend the best baby shower ever. Perhaps your child is reaching their 21st birthday. Think of the thrill and excitement when family and friends receive their perfect gift card.

Uncomplicated Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can often be tricky to organise. Especially if time is limited. Yet, rallying a community or a large group to collect funds can be a huge act of kindness.

If you’re organising the office present for a colleague’s farewell or canvassing donations for a friend going through hardship, setting up Gift Card Registry is straightforward. Contributions and donations can be done online and donors can remain anonymous if they wish.

The Optimal Gift

Whether you’re organising a virtual wishing well for your own wedding or urgently need to help someone in the community with financial challenges, collecting cash has never been easier or worthwhile. Whatever the occasion, a Gift Card Registry will be deeply appreciated and forever remembered.

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