Money is the best gift to give new graduates

Celebrate the milestone of every graduation with a special occasion and a keepsake to remember the experience.

What’s the graduation event your family’s planning? Kindy to school; primary to secondary; secondary to university; university to an exciting career?

Whatever the graduation, it deserves marking with a special something for the new graduate!

Try these suggestions for graduate gifts for every life stage.

Kindy to school

The first graduation, and it’s a big event for the whole family when the kindergarten kid starts big school.

Celebrate the occasion with a special family party themed with the latest kiddy-craze – unicorns are the most popular fad amongst the kindy kids, and its easy to make it the theme of a party.

Primary to secondary

The second graduation and it’s another big change when Junior goes from being one of the older kids, moves up to Year 7 and joins the youngest group in the secondary school.

The big kids in the primary school will love a party to farewell their friends as they dissipate to different schools for their secondary years.

Secondary to higher education

Bidding Year 12 goodbye can be a very special graduation, with an end of year party for all their friends that may end up being held on the Gold Coast during Schoolies Week.

Graduating from TAFE or University is an epic occasion with all the partying and gifts of a 21st or even a wedding.

Every young person has their own dreams and wish list for gifts and the right gift is entirely dependent on the person celebrating.

Gift Card Registry makes the best wish list

Whatever their aspirations, the gift most appreciated is money, and the most secure way to give them money is through a registry at Gift Card Registry.

The perfect solution to graduation gifts, the registry can be set up by a parent or friend at no cost at Gift Card Registry.

Online giving is easy with Gift Card Registry

When sending out invitations, mention that gifts can be contributed online, and the guests will be pleased to add to the gifting total, knowing that the recipient can choose whatever they want.

When the registry is closed, the total contributed is loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard gift card and sent to the recipient, ready for them to activate and use.

The gift card can be used online and instore at any merchant anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard. You can be confident that a gift card is more appreciated, more convenient, and easy to use.

No unwanted gifts with Gift Card Registry

With Gift Card Registry you avoid the possibility of any unwanted graduation gifts and the recipient has the pleasure of purchasing something they really want.

Make your wishes come true

With a combined total to use, the new graduate can choose to pursue further study, take a gap year or buy their first set of wheels.

Younger graduates will be able to enjoy a special holiday, or the total can go towards extra tutoring such as swimming, ballet, sports coaching or music lessons.

More than a gift

A prepaid gift card from Gift Card Registry offers more than other gifts – it enables choice, opportunity and reward.