How do I contact Gift Card Registry?

By email address on [email protected] or call us on 1300 354 632.  Alternatively, you can write to:

Corporate Prepaid Cards

PO Box 177

Balmain NSW 2041

How do I set up a Gift Card Registry?

Simply click on the ‘Start Your Registry Now’ link to begin the registry set-up. Complete the Gift Card Registry form with all required details. Our friendly team will do the rest.  Your registry will be set up within 48 hours and you will receive by email the banking information and reference numbers to share with your guests, family and/or friends to contribute money to your registry.

What can I set-up a Gift Card Registry for?

For any occasion like a wedding, engagements, baby showers, crowd funding purposes, charity, Bat and Bar Mitzvah’s – that you wish friends, family members or guests to contribute money to.

What information do I need to provide to set up a Gift Card Registry?

We require the following details for you (and your partner if the registry is for a couple):

  1. Contact name
  2. Email and phone number
  3. Postal Address
  4. Your card selection
  5. The date you wish the register to close.
  6. Date you need your card by (allowing up to 10 days for delivery).

What details do I need to give to friends and family to contribute money to my Gift Card Registry?

Once your registry application is processed, our Customer Support Team will provide you a link to your personalised registry page. Simply share this link with your guests, family and/or friends. They can access your site, contribute money to your registry and leave you a special message.

What fees do I get charged?

Gift Card registry is free to the registry owner/s.   Gift Card Registry contributors will pay a small fee which includes a 2.5% credit card processing fee which covers the cost of credit card acceptance.  There is also a 5% administration fee which covers all of the costs associated with creating and processing the registry including administration, card production, compilation of messages from contributing guests, family and friends, weekly notifications, card loading, courier delivery and any personal assistance from our Support Team.

How long can I leave the registry open for?

You can leave your registry open until 10 days prior to you requiring your Gift Card.

How safe is using Gift Card Registry?

Gift Card Registry is owned by Zenith Payments.  We are a leading and trusted payments business who has been in the Prepaid Card business since 2005.   Contributors to your gift registry can securely contribute to your registry online using a credit card.  Funds are held until loaded on to your registry gift card/s upon your nominated closure date.

How do I get the money at the end of the registry?

At the date you specify, the registry will close. We will load the total value of your guest, family and friend contributions less the credit card processing and administration fees onto your new prepaid card/s per your selected card design. Your Gift Card/s will be sent to you by courier.

 When do I get the registry Gift Card?

Within 10 days from the registry closure date.

 Can I see at any time how much money has been added?

Of course, it’s part of the fun! Every Friday we will send you a breakdown of your total registry value, a summary of the contributions and messages from your friends and family.

I am interested in a Wedding Gift Card registry, how do I ensure the card doesn’t arrive whilst I am on my honeymoon?

As long as you close the registry 10 days prior to departing for your honeymoon, you will receive your card before you leave.

How will the card be delivered?

All cards are delivered by courier. You can track your card/s to the delivery address you provide.

Can I spend the card straight away?

For security purposes, your card/s need to be activated. When your card arrives, simply follow the instructions on the letter to ‘activate’ your card/s. Once activated you can start spending.

Where can I spend the card?

Anywhere worldwide and online at the 37 million retailers that accept Mastercard Prepaid Cards.  Cards cannot be spent in countries that are listed on the OFAC Sanctions list.

Why is a Gift Card Registry better than a traditional gift registry?

Benefits of the Gift Card Registry include:

  • The optimal gift. You can get something you really want as your Gift Card can be spent almost anywhere.
  • Cashless wedding or event: removes the worry of lost or stolen gifts or needing to keep track of gifts on your special day.
  • Friends and family love that they are contributing to something you really want and not something they’ve chosen for you hoping you will like it.
  • Visibility of your gift. You can see the value of your registry build and plan how and when you want to spend.
  • Gift Card Registry makes organising ‘crowd’ or group funding easy! Perfect for charities, friends in hardship or for group presents where you are organising on behalf of friends or colleagues like bon voyage, farewell or retirements gifts.

How do I contribute money to a Gift Card registry?

The registry owner will share a unique payment link to you once their registry is set-up. You can contribute by accessing the link and following the prompts.

 Can I leave a gift message when I contribute money?

Sure can.  When contributing to the registry you can leave a personalised message for your Gift Card recipient/s. You can remain anonymous if preferred or let the recipient/s know the gift contribution came from you.

How much money can I contribute?

As much or as little as you like.

What payment methods can I use to contribute money to a registry?

Credit or debit cards. We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX cards.

How can my friends, family and guests pay?

Registry contribution payments can be made by Mastercard, Amex or Visa in Australian dollars only to the payment link provided after the registry is set-up

 What are Prepaid Mastercard Gift Cards?

These are prepaid single-load cards, that can be used at any store where Mastercard is accepted and can be processed electronically. Ideal as a gift, a Prepaid Gift Card can be spent online or at 37 million stores anywhere in the world.

How are Prepaid Gift Cards activated?

Your Prepaid Gift Card must be activated within 6 months of receiving it or the card may be cancelled. Please visit www.universalgiftcard.com.au and enter the 16 digit card number, your 4 digit code which is enclosed in the letter you received with your card and the 3-digit CVV number on the back of your card.

Where can Prepaid Mastercard Gift Cards be used?

Gift Cards can be used in any store in Australia or overseas where Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted, provided the merchant can process it electronically. They can be used for full or part payment for goods and services. Any number of purchases can be made with the card until the balance has dropped to zero. If the purchase amount exceeds the balance, the user must pay the excess using another payment method.   No change will be given.  It cannot be used for purchases by mail or telephone.

Why might a proposed transaction using a Prepaid Card be declined?

There are several possibilities:

  • the amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance the card has expired
  • the card has been reported lost or stolen or has been suspended
  • a previous voided or interrupted transaction may have been authorised, and the reserved funds have not yet been released
  • the signature panel on the back of the card has not been signed
  • the signature on the purchase receipt does not match the signature on the back of the card

Are Prepaid Cards accepted at all stores?

Prepaid Gift Cards are accepted at 500,000 stores in Australia and 37 million stores overseas where Mastercard prepaid is accepted. However, a small number of merchants, even though they display the Mastercard logos, do not accept any prepaid / gift cards.

Can the card be used to get cash from an ATM?

No. Sorry this card cannot be used at an ATM.

Can Prepaid Gift Cards be reloaded with more spending power?


If a merchant asks “Credit or Cheque or Savings?” what is the correct response?

Credit. Even though a prepaid card is not a credit card, we use credit card settlement processes. The card does not have a PIN. You will need to sign the docket to complete your purchase.

Do Prepaid Gift Cards have an expiry date?

Yes. Cards have a 36-month expiry for cards issued within NSW. All other states have a 12-month expiry.

 Are there any fees for using the card or checking its balance or transactions?

There are no fees for using the card. The entire balance on the card is for the cardholder’s use.

Visiting the web site www.universalgiftcard.com.au is free to check the card balance or transactions or for any other purpose.

How can the user check the balance or value left on the card?

The card user can check the card’s available balance or view their transactions with the card at any time by visiting www.universalgiftcard.com.au or by phoning 1800 174 239. Merchants cannot do a balance enquiry through their point-of-sale system. Checking the card balance or transaction record online is free.

 What if my Prepaid Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Phone 1800 174 239 (free) immediately to report a stolen card so we can stop any subsequent transactions from being authorised. If you have lost the card and think you will find it again you may take the precaution of suspending it by visiting www.universalgiftcard.com.au. Remember to unsuspend it after you find it.

If the balance on the card exceeds $15 at the time you report its loss, you may order a replacement card, which will be loaded with the balance of the lost/stolen/damaged card at the time its loss was reported, less an administration fee of $15.

What about security?

Like all payment cards, prepaid cards should be safeguarded, treated like cash. However Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards are more secure than cash, because the cardholder’s signature is required for a purchase. And if your card is lost or stolen, you can report its loss so it can be disabled and replaced, unlike many store cards.

More questions about Prepaid Mastercard Cards?

Please contact us by email: [email protected]


When will my purchase arrive?

Physical Gift Cards are normally despatched within 3 business days of your requested registry closure date Courier deliveries are typically overnight from the time of despatch though may be up to 7 days for remote areas.

International customers

GiftCardRegistry™ cannot accept orders from customers outside Australia.

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