Unique Gifts for Graduates

Got a university graduation approaching in your sights? Once the stress of exams, essays and assessments are finally over, it’s time to celebrate! Here’s our list for the best graduation gift ideas. We’ve included presents that congratulate them for their huge academic achievements but also help them with a kickstart into the future.  

Beyond the cap and gown, graduation is the beginning of a significant new chapter into young adulthood. Make sure your graduation gift is memorable and practical.  


Is your graduate bugging you for a new car? Go the greener option and gift them an electric bike instead. A bike will save money on petrol and parking fees. Also, it will encourage them to get some exercise, allowing them to zip around campus if they choose to further their studies, or the city to start their career with ease. For the times they need to take a rest or can’t handle the upcoming hill, there’s the electric motor to take the load off for them. Just remember to get them a helmet too! 

Leather Messenger Bag 

Whether they’re going to take on further studies or starting their first job, a beautiful yet sturdy messenger bag makes a great gift idea. They are practical, stylish and a staple for every young adult. 

Is your uni graduate still undecided on their next move? Something roomy and easy to carry across the shoulder will give them some versatility. It will make a smart accessory for job interviews and yet handle the wear and tear of daily errands. 

Beautiful Glassware 

Looking for that special graduation gift for a friend who likes a fine drop? A set of delicate champagne flutes or classic whiskey tumblers will no doubt be received with thanks and appreciation.  

Go that extra mile and give them something engraved with their name, year of graduation and academic institution. You could even include their degree. 

Therapy Bean Bag 

The elation of graduating is akin to floating on a cloud. Get your graduate child the next best thing with a therapy bean bag. Unlike normal bean bags, the special foam inside a therapy one makes a perfect balance between support and sinking.  

Life after graduating from university can be stressful. Whether they’re still working the ropes around their new job or busily studying for their post graduate master’s degree, a therapy bean bag will give them much needed chill time.  

Sky Diving Experience 

Sometimes an experience is the most meaningful graduation gift you can give. Why not book your new graduate an exhilarating, adrenaline pumping sky diving adventure? 

Remind your newly graduate that the world is indeed their oyster. Make sure to book for two so you can be part of the memory making. 

Gift Card Registry 

For families and friends who are trying a find the right present for a picky or indecisive university graduateGift Card Registry is your best graduate gift option.  

To organise Gift Card Registry is super easy. Simply register the event details and pick a card design. An account will be set up as well as a unique online page where family and friends can contribute. There’s even an option to leave a personalised message of congratulations.  

Once the registry is closed and the funds are topped up, your graduate will receive their gift card in the mail, ready to be used in the big wide world! 

Your uni graduate has worked super hard to get to where they are today. Congratulate them for their tenacity and academic achievements with something they want. 

Sign up for your Gift Card Registry account today. Encourage them to further reach for their dreams and ambitions with the best gift of all – the freedom of choice.  

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