Newborn Checklist – Everything You Need to Know Before Baby Arrives

Expecting a little one? Congratulations!  

As you enter the nesting stage and start a list of things you need for your new baby, be sure to include some self-care activities. Nothing can completely prepare you for motherhood. So take this precious time before bub arrives to relax and look after yourself.

Here’s our newborn checklist specially crafted for the expecting mum!

Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

No one can tell you exactly how much sleep you lose in those first few months looking after a newborn. So while you still can, take every opportunity to go to bed early, sleep in and take naps! Think of it as a deposit in the sleeping bank once your little one is born.

Go on Dates

Besides your partner, pencil in catch-ups with friends. Go on a day trip or dinner. Stay socially active while you still have the chance!

A new addition can change a family’s dynamics, especially if you already have children. A park outing or an ice-cream date is a chance to have a special chat with your toddler and help emotionally prepare them for their newborn sibling.

Pamper yourself

The body changes throughout pregnancy can be a physical and emotional roller-coaster. Some will be delightful surprises (like those first kicks!), others can create some discomfort (lower back pain is the worst!)

Your body is working full-time with a bun in the oven so treat yourself to some personal care:

  • Facials
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Trip to the hairdressers
  • Pre-natal massages
  • Long soaks with relaxing lavender bath salts or bubbles

Baby Shower

Baby Shower gifts for new mums can help those first days be peaceful and calm. If you’re planning a Baby Shower Registry, here are some non-baby gift ideas for your wish list:

  • Streaming service subscription

Use those early morning/late night feeding sessions as an opportunity to catch up on your favourite TV series.

  • E-book or Audiobook subscription

With literature now easily accessible through technology, keep baby brain at bay with a riveting crime novel or a best-selling romance.

  • Prepared meal delivery service

When you’re busy feeding the baby, who’s going to feed you? A hot meal delivered at your doorstep will give you the sustenance and comfort you need.

  • Cleaning service

Imagine arriving from hospital to a beautiful, clean home. When those first few days will be focused on getting settled into life with a newborn, why not outsource those domestic chores.

  • Gift Card Registry

Every mum’s needs during postpartum are different. Some may want something for the baby like a nursing chair for the nursery. Others might want to buy some comfortable postpartum clothes.

With Gift Card Registry, friends and family no longer need to rely on guesswork. Once contributions are made to the Gift Card Registry, funds will be loaded onto a Prepaid Mastercard.  Use the card to purchase what you need, when you need it.

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