Bridal Shower Gifts to Shower Love on the Honoured Guests


Got a bridal shower coming up? Need some inspiration for bridal shower gift ideas? Wedding showers give you a fantastic opportunity to express your happiness and congratulations to the bride-to-be.

Every bride is different, with her unique personality and specific personal taste. Just like her wedding, her bridal shower will also reflect her individuality.

Surprise the special guest of honour with unique bridal shower presents suited for her. She will love the thoughtfulness and appreciate how well you know her. Here’s our helpful list of bridal shower gift ideas, with something for every type of bride.

An Indulgent Day of Pampering :

The lead up to a wedding can be stressful. With so much to prepare and plan, the bride-to-be will be overwhelmed. At some point, she will desperately need some time to relax and chill before her big day, but it will take her close friends to arrange it for her.

Book an extravagant day spa where they will give her the complete pampering treatment. Make sure it includes a full-body massage and deep cleansing facial. She will thank you for caring about her well-being.

Luxurious Lingerie:

There’s nothing like a happy bride-to-be than one that feels sexy and confident. Lingerie is the perfect bridal shower gift for the modern woman. An intricate lacy bra and underwear set might make her blush, but she will secretly love the extravagance. It’s the perfect bridal shower present that her partner will also appreciate!

Pretty and Personalised Bridal Shower Gifts: 

Scented candles, photo frames and crystal glassware make stunning bridal shower gift ideas. Why not add that personal touch and engrave your gift with the guest of honour’s name or initials? You could also include the wedding day date. She will be thrilled with a present created explicitly for her and commemorating her upcoming nuptials.

Extravagant Silk Pyjamas and Matching Robe:

Imagine an excited bride slipping into the most exquisite and comfortable silk pyjamas on the eve of her wedding. Then she wakes up in the morning, with only hours before she walks down the aisle, getting ready for her big day in a gorgeous matching robe. Elegant sleepwear makes a beautiful bridal shower present, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in a bride-to-be’s life.

A Box of Her Favourites:

As the bride-to-be prepares for the big wedding day, she will need all her familiar comforts to keep her relaxed and composed. Does she have a favourite herbal tea? Is she an avid chocolate lover? Why not put together a box of snacks, teas, body lotions, bubble bath and soaps. Decorate it with some fresh flowers to add a touch of love and care. She will relish every bite, every sip and bath soak.

Stunning Artwork:

Is your bride-to-be a lover of the arts? Perhaps she’s already living with her partner and wants to brighten up their love nest. Finding a beautiful print or a piece by her favourite local artist will be a bridal shower gift she will treasure throughout her lifetime.

Let Gift Card Registry Help Shower the Bride-To-Be with Love

If you’re unsure what the bride-to-be wants for a bridal shower gift, then give her the gift of endless choice! The Gift Card Registry is an easy and convenient arrangement for friends and family to get together and contribute to a prepaid Mastercard card. The bride-to-be will be thrilled to receive a bridal shower gift that she can use for anything she wants and buy it anytime that suits her.

The maid of honour or anyone organising the bridal shower creates a Gift Registry Card account and can send the link along with the party invitations. Guests can make a gift contribution through the link and write a personal message, sending their congratulatory wishes to the bride-to-be

A Gift Card Registry will make sure you avoid unwanted bridal shower gifts. Instead, you will see the bride-to-be’s joy as she discovers her perfect present that offers her endless shopping options.

Make her bridal shower a memorable one. Give her a fantastic kickstart to her soon to be married life. A Gift Card Registry is the perfect bridal shower gift, helping create her ‘happily ever after’.

Are you struggling to find bridal shower gift ideas for the bride? A Gift Card Registry will be the perfect choice for her.

Bring joy and love to your beloved bride-to-be by creating a Gift Card Registry account today.

How To Throw The Perfect Baby Shower: Your Ultimate Planning Checklist

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Throwing a perfect baby shower requires a checklist that includes all the essentials, ensuring all goes smoothly on the day. 

Whether you’re organising your mum-to-be best friend’s baby shower or your own, our blog post shares baby shower party ideas so you can create the most memorable occasion. The little cherub will undoubtedly arrive showered with affection and love from family and friends. 

Set the Date: 

Some believe that when you’re ready to announce the happy news of having a baby, it’s a great time also to pick a date for the baby shower. Family and friends can immediately save the date, and even if it’s still a while away, time does fly!  

Most baby showers are typically held 4 to 6 weeks before the due date. 

The whole pregnancy journey is exciting, and those last few weeks before the big arrival is an uplifting time for everyone to celebrate with the mum-to-be. 

Choose a Suitable Venue: 

As the expectant mother will be in the late stages of her pregnancy, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment is ideal for the baby shower.  

If you’re stuck on baby shower party ideas for the venue, why not ask the mum-to-be what she has in mind. Would she like the party in the comforts of a home? Perhaps her preference is to have the baby shower in a private room at a fancy restaurant that serves high tea. 

Wherever you decide to hold the baby shower, the aim is to make sure the guest of honour can sit back, relax, enjoy and savour sweet moments with her closest friends. 

Pick a Fun Theme: 

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it’s time to brainstorm some baby shower theme ideas. 

Are you thinking of a circus theme, setting up a marquee in the backyard? How about a baby shower centred around flowers and bees? A fun favourite is a jungle theme, decorated with monkeys and elephants as soft toys and paper palm trees. 

Whether you choose vibrant colours or subdued pastels, kittens or puppies, the baby shower party ideas are endless for themes.  

Prepare the Guest List: 

Who makes the guest list largely depends on how big or small the baby shower will be. If you’re doing the organising, it might be a good idea to chat with the mummy-to-be to see how many guests she would like to invite.  

Some expecting mums will want a big extravagant affair and feel that the more, the merrier. Others may prefer a low-key baby shower with just family and close friends.  

However substantial or selective the guest list, it’s crucial to let the guests know of the date as soon as possible. You can send a “Save The Date” notification if you haven’t secured a venue or the other baby shower details yet. 

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 

Helping a pregnant friend prepare for motherhood is a rare and beautiful privilege. The new mum will be overwhelmed trying to figure out what she needs, from feeding bottles to nappies and blankets. A baby shower party is an opportune time to offer support and make sure mum-to-be is ready with everything she needs. 

Some practical baby shower ideas include: 

  • Beautifully printed swaddles in organic cotton 
  • Stylish nappy bags with lots of room and compartments to carry other baby essentials like bottles, nappy changing mats and extra clean baby clothes  
  • Night light lamp for those early mornings or middle of the night feeding times 
  • Soothing, moisturising body and facial creams for mum during her post-natal recovery 
  • Baby journal with keepsake box to record and treasure the memories of bubba’s early stages 
  • A Gift Card Registry that enables mummy-to-be to use a prepaid Mastercard card so she can buy what she wants or needs in her own time 

Gift Card Registry: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea for Every Mum-To-Be 

A Gift Card Registry is a simple arrangement giving guests the option to contribute to mum-to-be and her exciting new chapter. The baby shower host can create an account that automatically generates a URL link. 

Guests can transfer funds securely by using the link and including a personalised message of congratulations.  

As the baby shower date approaches, the host can see the funds gradually build, creating extra excitement for the party! On the day, the soon to be mummy will be thrilled with her prepaid Mastercard, which gives her endless shopping options for her new baby. 

Send Out Baby Shower Invitations: 

After establishing the guest list, let the guests know! You can choose traditional paper-based invitations or go digital. 

You can also include a Gift Card Registry link in the invitation when sending out details. Guests no longer have to figure out what baby shower gift to bring. Instead, they can conveniently contribute as soon as they receive their invitation.  

Avoid unwanted baby shower gifts. A Gift Card Registry will make sure mummy has all she needs and wants when bubba arrives. 

Do you have a friend who’s expecting? Are you struggling with baby shower party ideas? Make the right start with a Baby Shower Gift Card Registry.  

Sign up for your account today. 

Newborn Gifts List of Perfect Newborn Baby Gifts

Looking back when my twins were newborn babies, there certainly wasn’t anything more precious and fragile than those early days. Filled with sleep deprivation and constant nappy changing (times two, mind you!), the newborn baby stage is fleeting. It’s completely true when people say, “Cherish those moments.”

When my friends threw a baby shower for the impending arrival of my twin boys, I was extremely grateful for all the lovely presents. All were unique but also extremely useful. Especially for a new (and slightly terrified) parent like myself.

Babies don’t come with a manual. Finding the right kind of baby gear, clothes or essentials for a newborn can be confusing and daunting for a new parent.

The best newborn baby gift ideas are the ones that new parents would never have thought of buying themselves. Something that makes their life easier and smoothly settle into parenthood.


What are the best newborn baby gifts?

Cosy Swaddle Blanket

The first thing any parent learns when their new baby arrives is how to swaddle. The trick is to make your baby feel like they’re still in the womb – snug and warm. Swaddles that have velcro, zippers and snaps can make wrapping easier and quicker.

Easy on the Back Baby Carrier

Babies love to be held and carried close. Unfortunately, it can be a huge burden on the parent’s back. From soft-clothed carrier wraps to sturdy baby backpacks, there’s countless options for different parenting needs.

Perfect Pacifier

Pacifiers were a lifesaver for this mum of twins! These days pacifiers also come in silicone as a better option for babies who have a latex allergy. Also, to save parents from constantly losing the pacifier, buying a clip with the pacifier will help. Add a sweet touch and gift the pacifier with a cute soft toy.

White Noise or Sound Machine

For those restless nights (and there will be many!), a sound machine is a great option to soothe a crying baby. White noise also helps babies get into a natural sleeping rhythm and drowns out external noises like the television, doorbells or boisterous older siblings.

Baby’s First Beautifully Illustrated Picture Books

The video of Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle reading book “Duck! Rabbit!” to her adorable son, Archie almost broke the internet. It beautifully captured an intimate moment between mum and baby.

Reading to a newborn is not only great stimulus for them but also helps create special memories. The gentle rhythm and rhyme of a parent’s voices is especially soothing for a restless baby.

Here are some classics that I loved reading to my twin boys:

  • “The Snail and The Whale” by Julia Donaldson
  • “Guess How Much I Love You? ” by Sam McBratney
  • “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell
  • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle
  • “Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes” by Mem Fox (This one particularly tugged at my heart strings. Get the tissues ready!)

What is a unique baby gift?

For those who want to get a unique present, here are some gift ideas that keep things cute and memorable.

  • Animal hooded towels – Straight out of the bath, wrap your bundle of joy in a baby koala or panda.
  • Pewter money boxes with personalised engraving – A gift that lasts forever and has the perfect sentimental touch.
  • Silver jewellery – Little bangles, anklets or bracelets engraved with your precious one’s name will be forever treasured. Also makes a great christening gift.
  • First football plush toy – Perfect for the family of avid footy fans.
  • Cute costume onesies – Keeping your one snug but also irresistible as a unicorn, monkey or dinosaur.
  • Baby Hats – Fluffy, floopy or with bunny ears, keep them warm and staying cute.


What to buy a newborn that has everything?

With so many choices, finding the perfect newborn baby gift can be tricky. Every baby is different. Sometimes we won’t know what a parent needs until their little one arrives.

If you’re organising a baby shower for a loved one, Gift Card Registry is the perfect solution for a collective group gift. Gift Card Registry lets family, friends and guests contribute funds to a Prepaid Mastercard that the expecting parents can use for their baby.

Setting up Gift Card Registry is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Click HERE to set up an account with your loved one’s contact details. You can also select the card design.
  2. Select the date you wish you close the baby shower Gift Card Registry.
  3. Date you need your card by (Allow 10 days for delivery).
  4. Share the URL link to your registry with family, friends and guests.
  5. Enjoy watching the funds grow with the weekly email update sent by the Gift Card Registry team.
  6. Keep your registry open even after the baby shower is over and close it 10 days before you would like to use the card.

With a Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card, new parents can:

  • Buy whatever they want wherever Mastercard is accepted. Parents will have 37 million stores and online sites to choose from.
  • Take their time in deciding what their little one needs.
  • Avoid unwanted gifts or the hassle of returning gifts and merchandise.

There is no greater joy than welcoming a new little human being into the world. Gift Card Registry can help new parents with a kickstart to an exciting new chapter.

Set up your Gift Card Registry today. Got questions? Speak to a specialist or email [email protected].

Newborn Checklist – Everything You Need to Know Before Baby Arrives

Expecting a little one? Congratulations!  

As you enter the nesting stage and start a list of things you need for your new baby, be sure to include some self-care activities. Nothing can completely prepare you for motherhood. So take this precious time before bub arrives to relax and look after yourself.

Here’s our newborn checklist specially crafted for the expecting mum!

Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

No one can tell you exactly how much sleep you lose in those first few months looking after a newborn. So while you still can, take every opportunity to go to bed early, sleep in and take naps! Think of it as a deposit in the sleeping bank once your little one is born.

Go on Dates

Besides your partner, pencil in catch-ups with friends. Go on a day trip or dinner. Stay socially active while you still have the chance!

A new addition can change a family’s dynamics, especially if you already have children. A park outing or an ice-cream date is a chance to have a special chat with your toddler and help emotionally prepare them for their newborn sibling.

Pamper yourself

The body changes throughout pregnancy can be a physical and emotional roller-coaster. Some will be delightful surprises (like those first kicks!), others can create some discomfort (lower back pain is the worst!)

Your body is working full-time with a bun in the oven so treat yourself to some personal care:

  • Facials
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Trip to the hairdressers
  • Pre-natal massages
  • Long soaks with relaxing lavender bath salts or bubbles

Baby Shower

Baby Shower gifts for new mums can help those first days be peaceful and calm. If you’re planning a Baby Shower Registry, here are some non-baby gift ideas for your wish list:

  • Streaming service subscription

Use those early morning/late night feeding sessions as an opportunity to catch up on your favourite TV series.

  • E-book or Audiobook subscription

With literature now easily accessible through technology, keep baby brain at bay with a riveting crime novel or a best-selling romance.

  • Prepared meal delivery service

When you’re busy feeding the baby, who’s going to feed you? A hot meal delivered at your doorstep will give you the sustenance and comfort you need.

  • Cleaning service

Imagine arriving from hospital to a beautiful, clean home. When those first few days will be focused on getting settled into life with a newborn, why not outsource those domestic chores.

  • Gift Card Registry

Every mum’s needs during postpartum are different. Some may want something for the baby like a nursing chair for the nursery. Others might want to buy some comfortable postpartum clothes.

With Gift Card Registry, friends and family no longer need to rely on guesswork. Once contributions are made to the Gift Card Registry, funds will be loaded onto a Prepaid Mastercard.  Use the card to purchase what you need, when you need it.

Click here to sign up for Gift Card Registry.

Your baby shower questions answered – all you need to know

A baby shower is the ultimate party – celebrating new beginnings and helping the parents get ready for the new addition to their family.

An opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby, talk about parenting and help the new parents with the baby essentials they’ll need once the new baby arrives.

It’s the perfect time to give clothing, nursery equipment and the myriad of essentials that are needed for the new arrival.

Most new parents already have some of the things they’ll need – cocoon for the car, pram or stroller, crib and highchair. They’ll know best just what they want to complete their equipment range – so a gift card is the ideal present for the new parents.

With a prepaid Mastercard through Gift Card Registry, they can buy just what they need for the newbaby. No duplicate gifts and things they don’t want or need. With Gift Card Registry, they can buy the essentials now and keep some value on the card for later purchases as the child grows to crawler then toddler and their needs change.

If you’re planning a baby shower for a friend or relative, here’s everything you need to know!

  1. When is the best time to host a baby shower?

When the mother to be is about 28 to 35 weeks pregnant so she has time to purchase baby equipment and organise the nursery with all the new (or borrowed) gear.

  1. Where should you hold a baby shower?

Your own home might be the best place, but if you are planning to invite more guests than your lounge can comfortably accommodate, think of alternative venues. Will your guests include other parents with young children? Depending on the season, the local park or playground could be an ideal venue. Consider a private function room in a café or restaurant, community centres, even the local bowling club. Avoid holding the celebration at the home of the expectant mother – she is the guest of honour, not the host!

  1. Who’s on the invitation list?

Talk to the mum-to-be before you make up a guest list. Think about numbers if you have a limit on the size of the venue. And check out the next question before you start thinking about who will be there. If you are compiling a list to send invitations, get email addresses as well. Never publicly post an invitation on social media, you could end up with unwanted guests!

  1. What sort of party will it be?

Choose a theme or just go casual with the guests providing the entertainment. If it’s casual, you can ask the guests to ‘bring a plate’ or have a barbecue. Anything goes with a baby shower – you can decide on a dress up occasion, or even suggest the guests come in fancy dress. The main thing is not to lose sight of the reason for the party – to help the parents celebrate a new baby.

  1. Does the party need a theme?

You could celebrate like a celebrity and roll out the red carpet with the expectant mum as the star! If she prefers something more traditional, try one of these ideas for inspiration:

  • Colour: Many parents already know what’s coming and may want to celebrate with a theme of blue or pink. Think outside the traditional colours for an individual theme.
  • Classic children’s books: Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland. If your theme is based on a book, consider asking guests to bring a children’s book as a gift for the newborn with a personal message inside.
  • Nature themes: Flowers, farmyard, butterflies. If you are having an outdoor party at the beach or park, the venue could provide some inspiration.
  • Popular film themes: Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse are always popular. Kids’ films like Frozen or Beauty and the Beast can be a fun theme.
  • A hobby or passion: Music or travel provide endless possibilities.

Before you decide on a theme, go online and search for ‘baby shower decorations’ or ‘celebrity baby shower’ for inspiration.

  1. Does the party need games?

It’s up to you and the mum to be. The main event is usually eating, drinking and opening gifts (or skp the gifts if you are having a Gift Card Registry) but for a fun event, you can have a few activities or games that can tie in with the theme. If the new parents haven’t told anyone whether the baby is a boy or a girl, they can have some fun with a gender-reveal surprise package. For the latest ideas, go online and search for ‘baby shower games’.

  1. A shower, a sprinkle or a sip and see?

If the baby party is for a second or third child, it may be called a baby ‘sprinkle’ and celebrated as a ‘mini’ baby shower. If the mother is already well stocked with baby gear from her first child, a scaled down baby sprinkle is always appreciated, especially if she’s having a baby of a different gender this time and has different needs. And if the celebration is delayed until after the baby arrives, it can be called a ‘sip and see’ – drop in for a cup of tea or coffee and see the baby – but don’t stay too long!