Best Housewarming Gifts to Make a New Place Feel Like Home


Moving into a new house comes with the excitement of starting a brand new chapter. Are you stuck on housewarming gift ideas for your close friends or family? Perhaps it’s an established couple who already have everything they need. Maybe you’re stuck finding the perfect housewarming present that exudes comfort and charm. 

Whether they’re moving to their forever family home or a quiet and cosy apartment, celebrate along with the new beginnings of your loved ones. 

Celebrate their new beginning with housewarming presents to make their home a comfortable and loving space. We share our best housewarming gift ideas that will add a welcoming touch to your loved one’s new home.  

Monthly Subscription 

When all the packing and moving is done and dusted, it’s time to put the tired feet up, relax and watch some entertainment. Setting up the television and internet is the first step to settling in for some binge-watching. A monthly subscription to a streaming service is a practical housewarming present ready to be used immediately. Are they book worms, instead? Why not opt for an audio or digital book subscription? 

Simple and Handy Indoor Herb Garden 

Nothing says home more than a homegrown garden. A beautiful herb garden box filled with coriander, parsley and basil is a simple housewarming gift that’s also practical. Let the pretty box of plants sit on the kitchen window for an added touch of domestic bliss. 

Bottle of Celebratory Champagne and Matching Flutes 

For an extravagant housewarming gift idea, look no further than a bottle of the finest champagne. Add a touch of class with elegantly engraved matching flutes. 

When it’s time to pop the champagne, bring some strawberries and chocolates to complement the special occasion. You’ll impress them with your attention to detail and sense of luxury. 

Rustic Wooden Bath Tub Tray With Wine Holder 

A deep soak in bubbles with a book and a glass of wine makes a perfect night at home. A beautifully designed bathtub tray is a unique housewarming present, encouraging your new homeowner to appreciate life’s little pleasures, especially when it’s in the comforts of their abode. 

Cosy Weighted Blankets 

These plush throw-overs are hugely popular for their calming and stress-reducing benefits. If your loved one is a light sleeper or finds it difficult to settle in new surroundings, a comfortable weighted blanket is the perfect housewarming present idea. The blanket can make them feel at home, like a warm embrace.   

Gift Card Registry – The Perfect Housewarming Gift Idea 

Are you still stuck on housewarming gift ideas? Do you need to find a present for someone who is perhaps a little fussy? Maybe they already have the appliances and homewares they need or want.  

A Gift Card Registry is an easy and convenient choice for a housewarming gift. Creating a Gift Card Registry account will automatically generate a URL link. If you’re the lucky friend or family member who’s organising a housewarming party to mark the happy occasion, you can send the link to guests. It makes it easy for them to contribute online to the Housewarming Gift Card Registry securely.  

If there’s  loved ones who can’t make it to the party, no worries. They can still send their gift funds through the Gift Card Registry account. Sending a personalised message with the contribution also means the new homeowners know who has helped them build their new domestic nest. The team at Gift Card Registry will also send out a thank you message to donors on your behalf. 

Once all the funds are in the Gift Card Registry account, our team will send out a prepaid Mastercard card, in the design of your choice. The lucky recipients just activate the card and they’re ready to go! No more unwanted gifts or having the hassle to exchange or return housewarming presents.   

With their prepaid Mastercard, they can choose to spend on what they want or need. If they already have everything and can’t decide what they want to buy, they can use their card later on down the track. The prepaid Mastercard is ready and waiting for them. The options are endless. 

Give your friends and loved ones the best housewarming gift to give them an exciting beginning. Sign up for Gift Card Registry today. 

Bridal Shower Gifts to Shower Love on the Honoured Guests


Got a bridal shower coming up? Need some inspiration for bridal shower gift ideas? Wedding showers give you a fantastic opportunity to express your happiness and congratulations to the bride-to-be.

Every bride is different, with her unique personality and specific personal taste. Just like her wedding, her bridal shower will also reflect her individuality.

Surprise the special guest of honour with unique bridal shower presents suited for her. She will love the thoughtfulness and appreciate how well you know her. Here’s our helpful list of bridal shower gift ideas, with something for every type of bride.

An Indulgent Day of Pampering :

The lead up to a wedding can be stressful. With so much to prepare and plan, the bride-to-be will be overwhelmed. At some point, she will desperately need some time to relax and chill before her big day, but it will take her close friends to arrange it for her.

Book an extravagant day spa where they will give her the complete pampering treatment. Make sure it includes a full-body massage and deep cleansing facial. She will thank you for caring about her well-being.

Luxurious Lingerie:

There’s nothing like a happy bride-to-be than one that feels sexy and confident. Lingerie is the perfect bridal shower gift for the modern woman. An intricate lacy bra and underwear set might make her blush, but she will secretly love the extravagance. It’s the perfect bridal shower present that her partner will also appreciate!

Pretty and Personalised Bridal Shower Gifts: 

Scented candles, photo frames and crystal glassware make stunning bridal shower gift ideas. Why not add that personal touch and engrave your gift with the guest of honour’s name or initials? You could also include the wedding day date. She will be thrilled with a present created explicitly for her and commemorating her upcoming nuptials.

Extravagant Silk Pyjamas and Matching Robe:

Imagine an excited bride slipping into the most exquisite and comfortable silk pyjamas on the eve of her wedding. Then she wakes up in the morning, with only hours before she walks down the aisle, getting ready for her big day in a gorgeous matching robe. Elegant sleepwear makes a beautiful bridal shower present, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in a bride-to-be’s life.

A Box of Her Favourites:

As the bride-to-be prepares for the big wedding day, she will need all her familiar comforts to keep her relaxed and composed. Does she have a favourite herbal tea? Is she an avid chocolate lover? Why not put together a box of snacks, teas, body lotions, bubble bath and soaps. Decorate it with some fresh flowers to add a touch of love and care. She will relish every bite, every sip and bath soak.

Stunning Artwork:

Is your bride-to-be a lover of the arts? Perhaps she’s already living with her partner and wants to brighten up their love nest. Finding a beautiful print or a piece by her favourite local artist will be a bridal shower gift she will treasure throughout her lifetime.

Let Gift Card Registry Help Shower the Bride-To-Be with Love

If you’re unsure what the bride-to-be wants for a bridal shower gift, then give her the gift of endless choice! The Gift Card Registry is an easy and convenient arrangement for friends and family to get together and contribute to a prepaid Mastercard card. The bride-to-be will be thrilled to receive a bridal shower gift that she can use for anything she wants and buy it anytime that suits her.

The maid of honour or anyone organising the bridal shower creates a Gift Registry Card account and can send the link along with the party invitations. Guests can make a gift contribution through the link and write a personal message, sending their congratulatory wishes to the bride-to-be

A Gift Card Registry will make sure you avoid unwanted bridal shower gifts. Instead, you will see the bride-to-be’s joy as she discovers her perfect present that offers her endless shopping options.

Make her bridal shower a memorable one. Give her a fantastic kickstart to her soon to be married life. A Gift Card Registry is the perfect bridal shower gift, helping create her ‘happily ever after’.

Are you struggling to find bridal shower gift ideas for the bride? A Gift Card Registry will be the perfect choice for her.

Bring joy and love to your beloved bride-to-be by creating a Gift Card Registry account today.

How To Throw The Perfect Baby Shower: Your Ultimate Planning Checklist

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Throwing a perfect baby shower requires a checklist that includes all the essentials, ensuring all goes smoothly on the day. 

Whether you’re organising your mum-to-be best friend’s baby shower or your own, our blog post shares baby shower party ideas so you can create the most memorable occasion. The little cherub will undoubtedly arrive showered with affection and love from family and friends. 

Set the Date: 

Some believe that when you’re ready to announce the happy news of having a baby, it’s a great time also to pick a date for the baby shower. Family and friends can immediately save the date, and even if it’s still a while away, time does fly!  

Most baby showers are typically held 4 to 6 weeks before the due date. 

The whole pregnancy journey is exciting, and those last few weeks before the big arrival is an uplifting time for everyone to celebrate with the mum-to-be. 

Choose a Suitable Venue: 

As the expectant mother will be in the late stages of her pregnancy, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment is ideal for the baby shower.  

If you’re stuck on baby shower party ideas for the venue, why not ask the mum-to-be what she has in mind. Would she like the party in the comforts of a home? Perhaps her preference is to have the baby shower in a private room at a fancy restaurant that serves high tea. 

Wherever you decide to hold the baby shower, the aim is to make sure the guest of honour can sit back, relax, enjoy and savour sweet moments with her closest friends. 

Pick a Fun Theme: 

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it’s time to brainstorm some baby shower theme ideas. 

Are you thinking of a circus theme, setting up a marquee in the backyard? How about a baby shower centred around flowers and bees? A fun favourite is a jungle theme, decorated with monkeys and elephants as soft toys and paper palm trees. 

Whether you choose vibrant colours or subdued pastels, kittens or puppies, the baby shower party ideas are endless for themes.  

Prepare the Guest List: 

Who makes the guest list largely depends on how big or small the baby shower will be. If you’re doing the organising, it might be a good idea to chat with the mummy-to-be to see how many guests she would like to invite.  

Some expecting mums will want a big extravagant affair and feel that the more, the merrier. Others may prefer a low-key baby shower with just family and close friends.  

However substantial or selective the guest list, it’s crucial to let the guests know of the date as soon as possible. You can send a “Save The Date” notification if you haven’t secured a venue or the other baby shower details yet. 

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 

Helping a pregnant friend prepare for motherhood is a rare and beautiful privilege. The new mum will be overwhelmed trying to figure out what she needs, from feeding bottles to nappies and blankets. A baby shower party is an opportune time to offer support and make sure mum-to-be is ready with everything she needs. 

Some practical baby shower ideas include: 

  • Beautifully printed swaddles in organic cotton 
  • Stylish nappy bags with lots of room and compartments to carry other baby essentials like bottles, nappy changing mats and extra clean baby clothes  
  • Night light lamp for those early mornings or middle of the night feeding times 
  • Soothing, moisturising body and facial creams for mum during her post-natal recovery 
  • Baby journal with keepsake box to record and treasure the memories of bubba’s early stages 
  • A Gift Card Registry that enables mummy-to-be to use a prepaid Mastercard card so she can buy what she wants or needs in her own time 

Gift Card Registry: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea for Every Mum-To-Be 

A Gift Card Registry is a simple arrangement giving guests the option to contribute to mum-to-be and her exciting new chapter. The baby shower host can create an account that automatically generates a URL link. 

Guests can transfer funds securely by using the link and including a personalised message of congratulations.  

As the baby shower date approaches, the host can see the funds gradually build, creating extra excitement for the party! On the day, the soon to be mummy will be thrilled with her prepaid Mastercard, which gives her endless shopping options for her new baby. 

Send Out Baby Shower Invitations: 

After establishing the guest list, let the guests know! You can choose traditional paper-based invitations or go digital. 

You can also include a Gift Card Registry link in the invitation when sending out details. Guests no longer have to figure out what baby shower gift to bring. Instead, they can conveniently contribute as soon as they receive their invitation.  

Avoid unwanted baby shower gifts. A Gift Card Registry will make sure mummy has all she needs and wants when bubba arrives. 

Do you have a friend who’s expecting? Are you struggling with baby shower party ideas? Make the right start with a Baby Shower Gift Card Registry.  

Sign up for your account today. 

Unique Kitchen Tea Gift Ideas For the Modern Bride

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or a maid of honour helping with the wedding plans, making the distinction between a kitchen tea, a hen’s party, and a bridal shower can be confusing. This blog post covers the differences between the pre-wedding celebrations while providing great kitchen tea gift ideas perfect for the modern bride. 

What is a kitchen tea? 

Like a bridal shower or hens party, a kitchen tea is also a pre-wedding celebration for the bride. So what’s the difference between hens party and kitchen tea gift ideas, you ask? It boils down to the traditional reason for throwing a wedding kitchen tea for the bride.  

In the past, a kitchen tea was when women would gather their favourite recipes and create a cookbook for the bride. The occasion also included kitchen-related gifts to help the new wife set up her kitchen once married. Traditional kitchen tea gifts would have aprons, crockery or baking tools.  

What Makes the Best Kitchen Gift Idea? 

In today’s home, the kitchen is becoming more genderless. More often than not, couples will share the cooking, cleaning and general kitchen duties. These days, the modern kitchen tea gift is open to more alternatives and options beyond traditional kitchen utensils.  

Here are our fun, quirky yet practical kitchen tea gift ideas for the contemporary bride. 

Shake, stir and cocktail!  

Is she the queen of the tequila sunrise? Or maybe she’s more of a cosmopolitan girl? A cocktail cooking class makes a unique kitchen tea gift. It will also be a guaranteed fun evening for the wife-to-be. Why not make a girls’ night out of it? Some courses will also serve dinner to accompany the tipple, completing a memorable occasion. 

For lovers of caffeine 

A coffee machine is an essential kitchen tea gift for the woman who is always on the go. Already got one? Why not find her a beautiful ceramic keepsake cup. It will make her needed morning coffee that extra bit special.  

Breakfast on the go 

Breakfast smoothies make a healthy, convenient alternative when there’s no time to make breakfast. For the super busy bride who is also health conscious, a smoothie blender is a kitchen tea gift idea that will make her life easier.  

Party in the kitchen 

If the bride is a music lover, encourage her to turn on the heat in the kitchen! A BlueTooth speaker is the new essential kitchen item that makes cooking and kitchen duties fun. After all, who doesn’t dance and sing while they cook? To ensure it survives any spills or accidents in the kitchen, look for a durable and waterproof speaker. 

Spice it up 

A beautiful rack filled with exotic spices is one of the best kitchen gift ideas sparking inspiration and creativity for any budding chef. No matter how big or small the newlyweds’ kitchen is, there is a spice rack that will fit perfectly. There’s the traditional wooden display, or if storage space is an issue, you can find a rotating stand. 

Pamper Her Hamper 

If guests are stuck with kitchen tea gifts, why not present the new bride with a large box of assorted goodies. Even better if a group can pitch in together, so the hamper is complete with everything she deserves. Chocolates, herbal teas, soothing hand creams and essential oils are all a great start for the perfect kitchen tea gift that also pampers the bride. 

Gift Card Registry: The Perfect kitchen tea Gift Idea  

A group kitchen tea gift allows all the guests to get involved and excited in the lead up to the fun of a kitchen tea party. The bride will be thrilled by everyone’s thoughtfulness, and there’s no better kitchen gift tea idea from her loved ones than a Gift Card Registry. 

A Gift Card Registry is easy to set up. Whether it’s the maid of honour or a best friend, the organiser of the kitchen tea can create a Gift Card Registry online, which automatically generates a URL link. When invitations with the Gift Card Registry details, guests can contribute while also sending a personal message of congratulations. 

The team at Gift Card Registry will send out a reply of thanks on your behalf every time a guest sends through their money gift. A prepaid Mastercard card will be prepared and sent when all the funds are collected. Yes, it’s that simple! 

Watch the bride’s delight and joy when she receives her beautifully designed card, ready for her to activate and use on anything she wants. It’s unlimited shopping choices! 

As modern society steers away from old-fashioned kitchen tea gift ideas, a Gift Card Registry is perfect for the stylish, forward-thinking bride.  

Are you stuck on unique kitchen tea gift ideas? A Gift Card Registry is an ideal solution for your loved one’s newly married life. 

Instagram-worthy Hens Theme Party Ideas

Are you looking for hens theme ideas for your big night with your girlfriends? Or are you the maid of honour organising your best friend’s last night as a single lady? 

Our blog post will inspire you to create an Instagram-worthy hens party with colour, fun and laughter. Posting the night’s events on social media will keep the fun rolling with your followers wishing they were there. While it’s not always about the likes and shares, your friends will continue to talk about what a fantastic night they had at your hens party. You also get to relive great memories every time you look back on the posted photos. 

Unique Hens Party Dress Up Theme Ideas 

Bring colour and life to your hens party and create a dress up theme that goes viral on Instagram. Going out to a nightclub or bar in crazy costumes and wild makeup will also draw massive attention to the bride to be. You’ll be hitting hens party goals right there. 

70’s and 80’s All The Way 

Go for bright fluorescent colours and big hair and go 80’s with your hens party. If you’re looking more for a 70’s disco hens party dress up theme, grab some bell bottom jeans and aviator sunglasses. Complete the look with a big curly wig. 

Splash Around 

Want the bride-to-be to say goodbye to single life with a splash? A “Last Splash Mermaid Bash” makes a fun and quirky hens party dress them. Pick a beachfront or poolside venue, and grab some silver tinsel wigs for everyone to wear. Last but not least, throw a “Mermaid to Mrs” sash over the bride. Simple but Instagram-worthy. 

Simple and Super Special Hens Party Themes 

Your hens party doesn’t have to break the budget for it to grab attention and likes on Instagram. You need some fun props and pretty bunting to decorate your venue. Voila! Start posting those fantastic photos! 

Go Wild  

Hens party theme ideas don’t necessarily have to be indoors. Why not make the most of the beautiful Australian landscape and have a sunset picnic? Grab a colourful blanket and use a small table to present a cheese platter with fabulous wine. Light some candles or fairy lights to create a perfect magical atmosphere. 

Pyjama Party Central 

Thinking about having a hens party at home? You can’t go wrong with a traditional sleepover with your best gal pals. Pick your favourite movies, stock up on wine and popcorn and share some sweet moments before your big wedding day.  

Bright and Bold Hens Party Themes 

Do you want a hens party where you go all out? Don’t hold back on the glamour factor if you’re thinking about an extravagant hens party theme! Breathtaking harbour views and five-star restaurants will keep your Instagram followers scrolling to find out more. 

The Love Boat 

Give her the chance to be captain of her ship, even for one night. Hire a yacht and keep the champers flowing while taking in the beautiful ocean views. Drop the anchor and party the night away.  

Fine Dining with Wine  

For the bride who loves her fine dining, why not book her hens party at a fancy dinner? It will easily turn into one of her most memorable nights. And let’s face it. Everyone loves photos of mouth-watering dishes on their Instagram feed. 

Give Her the Perfect Hens Party Gift 

At Gift Card Registry, you can be confident in giving your bride-to-be the perfect send-off.  

Create a Gift Card Registry and avoid unwanted hens party gifts. The Gift Card Registry link is then sent to guests where they can contribute whatever amount they desire.  

The bride-to-be can watch the funds in the account gradually build as the hens party gets closer. The Gift Card Registry team will then send the funds in a prepaid Mastercard card, in a design of your choice. You have unlimited shopping choices with a card that you can spend wherever Mastercard is accepted. 

 Make your hens party unforgettable. Top the night off with a hens party gift that she will want and treasure. 

Instagram-worthy and Filled with Unforgettable Memories 

With so many awesome hens party theme ideas that are Instagram-worthy, go and plan something more dynamic and creative. Make sure you create cherished memories that will keep you smiling right down the wedding aisle. 

Give your hens party a lifetime experience with Gift Card Registry. 


Tips To Organising a Memorable Engagement Party

Getting engaged is a beautiful occasion. Taking the first step towards marriage is an important milestone that deserves celebration with friends, family and colleagues. It’s also the perfect opportunity to shower the newly-engaged couple with engagement party gifts to help them kick start their new lives together. This blog post will give you inspirational tips to help you organise the most memorable engagement party. 

Why Have an Engagement Party?  

Perhaps you’ve recently said ‘yes’ to your beloved’s marriage proposal. Maybe you want to support your newly engaged best friend or a close family member. No matter what, an engagement party marks the exciting beginning of wedding festivities. So, make sure it’s one everyone will remember. 

Holding an engagement party gives everyone who knows the happy couple a chance to meet before the big wedding day. Future in-laws can become better acquainted. Guests can also get to know the newly engaged couple better, discovering the special reasons they make the perfect union.  

 How to Find Your Ideal Engagement Party Venue  

One of the most important factors is the setting of the engagement party.  

We’re lucky to live in a vast and beautifully landscaped country that ranges from stunning beaches to rolling, lush mountainsides. Wherever you’re planning to have your engagement party in Australia, you won’t be short of finding a venue to impress the guests.  

A rooftop bar or restaurant will provide breathtaking views of the urban skyline for city dwellers. There’s also the option of having a beach-side or waterfront engagement party where Australian cities along the eastern coastline are only a stone’s throw away from the ocean.  

For country lovers, the choices are wide and varied, starting from properties, fruit orchards, and even mountain bungalows.  

For the budget-conscious, why not opt for a backyard engagement party? Light the garden with fairy lights and candles to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere for guests and the happily engaged love birds. 

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Party Gifts in Australia 

Family and friends will want to show their support and express their congratulations on your happy announcement. While they will be keen to give you the perfect Australian engagement party present, they may be unsure of your taste or what you need. Giving cash may be too awkward. 

Gift Card Registry makes engagement party gift ideas in Australia easy and super convenient for guests and engaged couples. Friends, family and colleagues contribute to your online Gift Card Registry account. They can also leave a personalised message with their contribution. All the funds are digitally collected and loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard card of your choice. Our team will send your card in the mail, ready to use. 

How simple is that? Also, you avoid unwanted engagement party gifts because Gift Card Registry enables you to buy whatever you want wherever Mastercard is accepted. Think of all the engagement party gift ideas that you can now put on your own shopping list. 

Organise an Unforgettable Engagement Party for Those You Love 

If you have the privilege of being the organiser of an engagement party, let Gift Card Registry make your job rewarding. Especially when your wish is to make sure your loved one’s nuptials begin with a once in a lifetime engagement party. 

Avoid the stress of collecting group funds to buy collective engagement party gifts or traditional engagement party presents. You won’t need to worry about the complicated process of setting up a traditional gift registry for engagement party gift ideas in Australia. A Gift Card Registry is straightforward for guests to make their contribution while you manage and monitor how the funds gradually build. Gift Card Registry will also send a thank you email to every contributor on your behalf.  

Imagine the happy couple’s delight when you give them a prepaid Mastercard as their engagement party gift. Gift Card Registry will be the ultimate engagement present you can arrange for your nearest and dearest. 

Deciding to get married is a momentous milestone, and the festivities to celebrate a loving union are to always be treasured. A Gift Card Registry will cement all the beautiful sentiments that come with cherished engagement party gifts. Throughout married life, your engagement party will be unforgettable.   

Sign up for your Gift Card Registry today.