Instagram-worthy Hens Theme Party Ideas

Are you looking for hens theme ideas for your big night with your girlfriends? Or are you the maid of honour organising your best friend’s last night as a single lady? 

Our blog post will inspire you to create an Instagram-worthy hens party with colour, fun and laughter. Posting the night’s events on social media will keep the fun rolling with your followers wishing they were there. While it’s not always about the likes and shares, your friends will continue to talk about what a fantastic night they had at your hens party. You also get to relive great memories every time you look back on the posted photos. 

Unique Hens Party Dress Up Theme Ideas 

Bring colour and life to your hens party and create a dress up theme that goes viral on Instagram. Going out to a nightclub or bar in crazy costumes and wild makeup will also draw massive attention to the bride to be. You’ll be hitting hens party goals right there. 

70’s and 80’s All The Way 

Go for bright fluorescent colours and big hair and go 80’s with your hens party. If you’re looking more for a 70’s disco hens party dress up theme, grab some bell bottom jeans and aviator sunglasses. Complete the look with a big curly wig. 

Splash Around 

Want the bride-to-be to say goodbye to single life with a splash? A “Last Splash Mermaid Bash” makes a fun and quirky hens party dress them. Pick a beachfront or poolside venue, and grab some silver tinsel wigs for everyone to wear. Last but not least, throw a “Mermaid to Mrs” sash over the bride. Simple but Instagram-worthy. 

Simple and Super Special Hens Party Themes 

Your hens party doesn’t have to break the budget for it to grab attention and likes on Instagram. You need some fun props and pretty bunting to decorate your venue. Voila! Start posting those fantastic photos! 

Go Wild  

Hens party theme ideas don’t necessarily have to be indoors. Why not make the most of the beautiful Australian landscape and have a sunset picnic? Grab a colourful blanket and use a small table to present a cheese platter with fabulous wine. Light some candles or fairy lights to create a perfect magical atmosphere. 

Pyjama Party Central 

Thinking about having a hens party at home? You can’t go wrong with a traditional sleepover with your best gal pals. Pick your favourite movies, stock up on wine and popcorn and share some sweet moments before your big wedding day.  

Bright and Bold Hens Party Themes 

Do you want a hens party where you go all out? Don’t hold back on the glamour factor if you’re thinking about an extravagant hens party theme! Breathtaking harbour views and five-star restaurants will keep your Instagram followers scrolling to find out more. 

The Love Boat 

Give her the chance to be captain of her ship, even for one night. Hire a yacht and keep the champers flowing while taking in the beautiful ocean views. Drop the anchor and party the night away.  

Fine Dining with Wine  

For the bride who loves her fine dining, why not book her hens party at a fancy dinner? It will easily turn into one of her most memorable nights. And let’s face it. Everyone loves photos of mouth-watering dishes on their Instagram feed. 

Give Her the Perfect Hens Party Gift 

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 Make your hens party unforgettable. Top the night off with a hens party gift that she will want and treasure. 

Instagram-worthy and Filled with Unforgettable Memories 

With so many awesome hens party theme ideas that are Instagram-worthy, go and plan something more dynamic and creative. Make sure you create cherished memories that will keep you smiling right down the wedding aisle. 

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Tips To Organising a Memorable Engagement Party

Getting engaged is a beautiful occasion. Taking the first step towards marriage is an important milestone that deserves celebration with friends, family and colleagues. It’s also the perfect opportunity to shower the newly-engaged couple with engagement party gifts to help them kick start their new lives together. This blog post will give you inspirational tips to help you organise the most memorable engagement party. 

Why Have an Engagement Party?  

Perhaps you’ve recently said ‘yes’ to your beloved’s marriage proposal. Maybe you want to support your newly engaged best friend or a close family member. No matter what, an engagement party marks the exciting beginning of wedding festivities. So, make sure it’s one everyone will remember. 

Holding an engagement party gives everyone who knows the happy couple a chance to meet before the big wedding day. Future in-laws can become better acquainted. Guests can also get to know the newly engaged couple better, discovering the special reasons they make the perfect union.  

 How to Find Your Ideal Engagement Party Venue  

One of the most important factors is the setting of the engagement party.  

We’re lucky to live in a vast and beautifully landscaped country that ranges from stunning beaches to rolling, lush mountainsides. Wherever you’re planning to have your engagement party in Australia, you won’t be short of finding a venue to impress the guests.  

A rooftop bar or restaurant will provide breathtaking views of the urban skyline for city dwellers. There’s also the option of having a beach-side or waterfront engagement party where Australian cities along the eastern coastline are only a stone’s throw away from the ocean.  

For country lovers, the choices are wide and varied, starting from properties, fruit orchards, and even mountain bungalows.  

For the budget-conscious, why not opt for a backyard engagement party? Light the garden with fairy lights and candles to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere for guests and the happily engaged love birds. 

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Party Gifts in Australia 

Family and friends will want to show their support and express their congratulations on your happy announcement. While they will be keen to give you the perfect Australian engagement party present, they may be unsure of your taste or what you need. Giving cash may be too awkward. 

Gift Card Registry makes engagement party gift ideas in Australia easy and super convenient for guests and engaged couples. Friends, family and colleagues contribute to your online Gift Card Registry account. They can also leave a personalised message with their contribution. All the funds are digitally collected and loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard card of your choice. Our team will send your card in the mail, ready to use. 

How simple is that? Also, you avoid unwanted engagement party gifts because Gift Card Registry enables you to buy whatever you want wherever Mastercard is accepted. Think of all the engagement party gift ideas that you can now put on your own shopping list. 

Organise an Unforgettable Engagement Party for Those You Love 

If you have the privilege of being the organiser of an engagement party, let Gift Card Registry make your job rewarding. Especially when your wish is to make sure your loved one’s nuptials begin with a once in a lifetime engagement party. 

Avoid the stress of collecting group funds to buy collective engagement party gifts or traditional engagement party presents. You won’t need to worry about the complicated process of setting up a traditional gift registry for engagement party gift ideas in Australia. A Gift Card Registry is straightforward for guests to make their contribution while you manage and monitor how the funds gradually build. Gift Card Registry will also send a thank you email to every contributor on your behalf.  

Imagine the happy couple’s delight when you give them a prepaid Mastercard as their engagement party gift. Gift Card Registry will be the ultimate engagement present you can arrange for your nearest and dearest. 

Deciding to get married is a momentous milestone, and the festivities to celebrate a loving union are to always be treasured. A Gift Card Registry will cement all the beautiful sentiments that come with cherished engagement party gifts. Throughout married life, your engagement party will be unforgettable.   

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