Your own Gift Card Registry makes a 21st easy

If you’re organising a 21st celebration, you can encourage others to contribute to a prepaid Mastercard at Gift Card Registry (giftcardregistry.com.au). Set up a registry for the birthday and guests can contribute as they wish, so the recipient receives the combined amount on a gift card. They’ll be delighted to choose what they really want.

Who are Gen Z?

These young people show they are concerned about social issues and the environment. Gen Z want to make their views count.

Unpredictable to others, they may play up, play down, or challenge what is expected of them, both in their personal and public lives.

What do Gen Z’s really care about?

Here’s a list of their priorities from a recent survey:

  •  The human causes of climate change, with their main concerns being pollution (65 percent), deforestation (53 percent) and greenhouse gas emissions (46 percent).
  •  96 percent said they are willing to speak out and take action, both personally and professionally, to combat climate change.
  •  57 percent would purchase products from companies doing the right thing to address the potential impact of climate change.
  • 51 percent would tell others to purchase the company’s products
  • 39 percent would not support competitors who did not do the right thing.

Gen Z prefers cool products

The US survey of the attitudes, behaviours and values of the Gen Z post-millennial generation showed that Gen Z’s actually prefer cool products over cool experiences and are likely to purchase gifts that fit with their beliefs.

On their birthday, a gift card that allows them to buy what they want, where they want, is the ideal gift.

Gift cards empower the recipient

So when you are invited to a 21st, show you understand their independence and their challenges by giving a gift card. They’ll appreciate the coolest gift of all and thank you for your thoughtfulness!

To view the range of gift cards and order, visit giftcardstore.com.au.

To set up a gift registry, visit giftcardregistry.com.au.


Global communications firm Edelman interviewed 1,000 young Americans, ages 16-22 (Gen Z) and ages 23-38 (Millennials), in August 2019 ahead of the 74th UN General Assembly. Find out more: https://www.edelman.com/news-awards/new-survey-reveals-strong-support-of-united-nations-from-millennials