No more toys – kids’ parties discover Gift Card Registry for special gifts

Everyone loves a party! From toddler to teenager, parties are the highlight of the year for every child. Once organised by parents as a simple get together at home, today’s children’s parties have become like mini-adult events.

What used to involve a few balloons, party games, some sweet snacks and lots of presents, has now become a creative production with jumping castles, clown entertainers and an elaborate cake.

Parents are looking for an easier solution to celebrating their child’s birthday and one aspect of the move to simple planning is to ditch the presents and use Gift Card Registry.

Kids’ parties are major events

Organising a children’s birthday party in the age of social media is like planning a major event, inviting the right people and designing the right theme for the age group and the circle of friends and family. Having the on-trend food, the appropriate games and lots of prizes for everyone are all on the party priority check list.

Children’s parties that invite every child in the playgroup or classroom are mentioned on Facebook, add followers on Instagram and have become key highlights for any children’s party.

Parties and social media

Parents can now engage a party planner or book the party as an event at the local restaurant to ensure it will be talked about by parents and children long after the occasion. With fun photos uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, your child’s party can be talked about on social media long after the event.

Parents looking for an alternative solution are connecting with online Gift Card Registry to set up a wish gift for their child’s birthday celebrations.

Refocus gift giving with Gift Card Registry

From toddler parties to pre-teen celebrations, all children love a party and gifts are a traditional focus whatever the age.

Gift Card Registry gives parents the opportunity to refocus the gift giving to help children plan for major purchases or life events. If you’re over the excessive gifts of toys and would rather have a special gift wish, Gift Card Registry has the answer.

The gift wish makes giving special

Using Gift Card Registry can help children understand the value of saving money for a special purpose.

  1. For younger children, suggest contributions for a special gift like a bike, musical instrument, sports equipment.
  2. For pre-teens or younger teenagers, the focus can be education – TAFE or university.
  3. For older teenagers soon to leave secondary school, the experience of an overseas trip during a gap year can be a great reason to use Gift Card Registry.
  4. For any children, suggest giving to others who need a hand. Sponsoring a child overseas is a great way for children to understand that they can help others.

Make gift giving easy

Break with tradition and set up a Gift Card Registry for your child’s birthday. Let the guests coming to the party know that you would prefer they don’t bring presents but donate to the online Gift Registry. Send them a link to your registry at giftcardregistry.com.au where they can write a message to the birthday child and make a contribution to the wish gift.

Let them know that the total amount will be loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard that will be used for the special gift for your child, or their special project to help others.

Friends and family may appreciate not having to buy a present for the child and can use the occasion to explain the idea to their children.

You will receive a prepaid Mastercard loaded with the gifted funds, ready to use online or at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. The choice is yours to use the funds for the special gift or project for your child.

To set up a Gift Card Registry for your child’s birthday, go to giftcardregistry.com.au or call 1300 354 632.