Buy your own 21st present with the gift of money

Everyone loves a birthday, specially a 21st where the celebrations can be so memorable they last a lifetime.

What’s your birthday style – lavish or low key?

Would you like a star-studded event like Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner? She celebrated her 21st with a lavish party in August 2018, recording her gifts on Snapchat. Her gifts included a 1950s Rolls Royce and a pink Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeled roadster with unicorn print.

Maybe low-key is more your style like global singing sensation Taylor Swift who turned 21 in 2010, Instead of a party, she opted for a quiet celebration with her parents.

Making memories

‘Remember my 21st, when we…’ fill in the gaps, because everyone has a story about a 21st – your own or your best friend’s.

So many gifts, so many of them unwanted! Today’s generation of hashtag followers would rather see an uptick in ‘likes’ than a gift of engraved crystal glasses.

Make gift giving easy for your guests

When you’re invited to a 21st, you immediately think of what you can buy as a gift and make tactful enquiries as to what the birthday celebrant actually wants or might like as a gift.

You will always receive the gift you want with Gift Card Registry – because you choose the gift yourself!

The best gift is something you really want

If you’re planning a 21st, set up a Gift Card Registry to help your friends and family choose the right gift. It’s easy to set up and your guests will appreciate being able to contribute to something you really want.

Go to giftcardregistry.com.au and start the registry today – it is free to set up online. Each guest is invited to contribute to a total instead of buying individual presents. The total amount is loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard that will be sent to you after the party is over. You can set up a thank you email that they will receive once they have added their gift.

Prepaid cards are more secure than cash

The prepaid Mastercard is loaded with the total contributions on one easy-to-use card, so you don’t have to worry about keeping cash secure. And when the party is over, you can have the pleasure of buying the gift you really want for yourself.

Don’t settle for kitchen appliances, jewellery or homewares, think about the big-ticket items that you can use the money for – education, travel or even towards a deposit on your future home.

Gift Card Registry gives you so many options to make your 21stt one to remember.

What do others do for their 21st birthday parties? Check out the 21st celebrations of celebrities to get an idea of how the rich and famous celebrate!

Celebrities with low key 21st celebrations

Singer Rihanna’s 21st in 2009 was low-key. She organised a movie night followed by a house party in the Hollywood Hills.

Superstar Adele celebrated her 21st birthday on stage in New York City where her mother surprised her and her audience with a mega-birthday cake and balloons.

Super celebrations for the stars

Mega-star Justin Bieber was paid to attend his own 21st party in 2015 at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

Actress and singer Miley Cyrus held a lavish party in West Hollywood for her 21st in 2013 and her big-ticket item was a motorcycle from her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

Famous for being famous celebrity Paris Hilton was not satisfied with just one 21st party in 2002, she had celebrations all over the world with events in Las Vegas, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Her big-ticket item was a silver Porsche and fans from all over the world sent her jewellery, cute teddy bears, and huge bouquets of flowers.

Choose your own style

Your 21st is one to remember, so choose your own style to celebrate the big event. And make it easy for your guests to give you a gift when you create your own gift registry.

Find out more at www.giftcardregistry.com.au or call 1300 354 632.