Marry on Skype? Invite your friends to your wedding on the web

Sharing your wedding day with the people you care about most can be effortless with instant global communication.

In the internet age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype, family and friends who are on the other side of the world can be part of the ceremony and join the celebration with just the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen.

From internet dating to webcam wedding

Love has found a new meeting place with internet dating, so it’s easy to use Skype or Facebook to share your ‘virtual’ wedding ceremony and even the reception with family and friends wherever they are in the world.

If they can’t join you at the ceremony, invite them to share the virtual experience through videoconferencing so they can feel part of the special day.

Interstate or across the world

Your family interstate who can’t make it to the wedding can still watch you get married if they have an internet connection.

Your friends overseas who you will catch up with on your honeymoon can’t be there, but they can follow the ceremony as it happens.

Together for your wedding day

The internet that we take for granted and use every day is a network of networks, a global system of interconnected networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide and connect us wherever we are in the world.

Officially, you can’t legally marry online if you and your partner are in different places. This is because the internet is not recognised as a legal entity or a place. You have to be together in the same location, with two witnesses and a registered celebrant to make it legal.

But it is possible for the ceremony to be shared with others through the net.

Making it happen online

As long as the legal aspects are fulfilled in a real location, using video conferencing to include friends and family who are anywhere in the world can be done with some preparation and good timing.

Contact a video conferencing specialist or discuss with the professional photographer who is videoing your wedding to ask if they can set up the connections. Or ask a friend to Do It Yourself!

Planning to share your big day

Some things to consider when you are planning to DIY Skype or video conference your ceremony.

  • Time zones: Consider the timing of your wedding and what the time will be interstate or in the country you are going to connect with.
  • Technology at your venue: Does your venue have the technology you need, or can it be installed for your ceremony? If you are using mobile phone or iPad, is there consistent connectivity? If you are having the ceremony outdoors on the beach or at a park, can you get internet connection?
  • Technology at the destination: Do the overseas or interstate participants have the technology required and know how to use it? They will need to have the same application you are using whether it is Facebook live streaming, WhatsApp or Skype – or your preferred video service. Consider Google Hangouts, Zoom – there are many to choose from depending on the number of devices that need to be connected.
  • You want it to operate seamlessly on the day, so have a trial run a week or so before at the same time of day as the ceremony will be held. Try to make this at the actual wedding rehearsal, or a day in which you just make sure the technology connects.
  • Coordinate: Ask your nerdiest friend or relative to make your web wedding their special project. They should be someone who isn’t in the bridal party and has technical know-how.
  • Mute the guests: You want them to hear you and what is happening in the ceremony, but you may not want their comments broadcast during the event for everyone to hear. Turn the sound back on after the legalities are over.
  • Back up: If the whole technology project is critical to your wedding day success, have a back-up plan if the internet connection fails, the mobile runs out of battery or the project coordinator is unable to attend on the day.

Then you’re ready to share your big day with the world!

Remember, you only need yourselves, two witnesses and the registered celebrant for you to legally get married in Australia. You can have the entire guest list somewhere else and they can watch you get married. It’s a real wedding blended with virtual participation – a day to remember for everyone.

A solution for gifts from distant destinations

Gift Card Registry is the perfect solution for guests to show their love for your both as they can contribute their gift to your virtual wedding. Wherever they are in the world, your guests can go online and add to your registry.

To make it easy for everyone, contact Gift Card Registry to set up your personal online registry a few weeks before your planned wedding day. Let your guests know you would prefer them to contribute to the registry, rather than buy a gift that will incur the high cost of postage from overseas.

Gift giving online made easy

Wherever they are in the world, they will appreciate the simple process of gift-giving online!

When the registry closes, Gift Card Registry will send you the total amount gifted loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted worldwide.

With a prepaid gift card, you can buy just what you want and let the guests know how you have used the money on the card to start your life together.

Visit the website at giftcardregistry.com.au to find out more or phone Gift Card Registry on 1300 354 632.