Buck the trend – your 12-point checklist for a great stag party

When you’re asked to organise the bucks party before your friend’s wedding, make it one to remember, not one you’d rather forget. If the bride-to-be has seen the movie The Hangover, she’ll want you to use it as a guide book for what not to do at the groom’s last party before the big day. So, break with tradition and make your own story!

Bucks parties can be in the news for all the wrong reasons – so here’s some ideas to keep in mind that will tick all the boxes and have everyone back home ready for the main event – the wedding.

Dos and Don’ts – Your Checklist:

  1. DO talk to the groom about the date and style of party he wants and the activities he would prefer. You can outsource the planning to event companies that specialise in bucks parties!
    DON’T go ahead and make plans without talking to him first.
  2. DO set the date. A few weeks before the wedding, preferably on a weekend, but not the weekend of the wedding rehearsal.
    DON’T plan the party for the night before the wedding.
  3. DO set a budget. What’s affordable for you and the others who are coming?
    DON’T assume everyone will be happy to kick in for unlimited amounts of alcohol. The bills can add up quickly and no-one wants to pay extra.
  4. DO talk to the groom to choose some activities that the whole group will enjoy. Thrill-seeker or conservative, the party is for him, so tailor the activities that will suit.
    DON’T assume everyone wants strippers and alcohol.
  5. DO suggest a weekend away, a harbour cruise, paintballing, golf, water skiing, wine tasting, white water rafting, a celebratory dinner, a night out on the town, or a camping trip.
    DON’T include tattooing, base jumping, sky diving, cave diving, chartering a boat, motor cycle riding, wild boar hunting, or a rifle range if you are going to be drinking.
  6. DO prepare a guest list.
    DON’T leave the list to the last minute. The more notice you can give, the better.
  7. DO send out invitations – just to those you want to attend.
    DON’T end up with unwanted gate crashers. If you use social media, make sure you send the invitation to a closed group.
  8. DO keep track of RSVPs so you can make bookings for the right numbers.
    DON’T forget to follow up those who don’t reply on time. Last minute opt-ins can play havoc with reservations.
  9. DO ask the group to pay up front so you can make bookings for the event once you have the numbers. Use Gift Card Registry for a special party fundraiser so everyone can go online to make their payment for the event.
    DON’T over book for those who can’t give you a definite answer or you could end up footing the bill for those who don’t attend.
  10. DO plan for food as well as alcohol.
    DON’T buy the beer without the pizzas.
  11. DO keep it safe and legal. The object of the bucks party is to have a great time with the groom-to-be before his big day. Make it a memorable occasion for all the right reasons.
    DON’T forget, you are the organiser, bookings are made in your name and you will be responsible for any damage.
  12. DO vet what you plan to share on social media. Get everyone to agree not to upload photos if they could cause embarrassment later, specially for the bride-to-be.
    DON’T take photos you wouldn’t want the groom’s mother to see! Remember, ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’.

Set up a Gift Card Registry

To set up a registry specifically for the bucks party, go to Gift Card Registry at giftcardregistry.com.au, or phone 1300 354 632.

At Gift Card Registry you can set up a convenient, secure and easy-to-use registry for the people you want to invite, and they can leave messages for you when they add their contribution.

Once the registry has closed on the date you specify, Gift Card Registry will send the total amount loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard to you to use for travel, accommodation, food and beverages or party bookings. The prepaid Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted online, in Australia or overseas. It’s the perfect solution to organising contributions for the bucks party!